Alcohol Rehab Centers For Women

Alcohol drinking among women has increased over the years. With the adverse effects on their health, there is a need to address this problem. Different alcohol rehab centers for women are available to help women overcome this problem. The Ho Tai Way is a school of recovery that will give women the support needed through every stage of recovery.

Alcoholism on Women

Women are more predisposed to alcohol addiction compared to men based on their body compositions. They also tend to experience more adverse effects and develop an addiction to alcohol than men. This is because women have lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol in the stomach and liver. This makes women absorb more alcohol in the bloodstream.

Women are more likely to start drinking if they have a partner, family members, or friends who are alcohol dependent. A woman with a history of clinical depression or physical and sexual abuse during childhood or marriage also tends to suffer from alcoholism. These women tend to drink more as they started drinking alcohol.

How does alcoholism affect women?

Several studies show that drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer. It can also affect fertility as alcohol can disrupt the menstrual cycle of a woman. Doctors recommend that women who are trying to conceive, and pregnant women should not drink alcohol to minimize risks to the infant.

Drinking alcohol can also affect the appearance of a woman. It can interfere with the sleep process and cause dehydration. This makes the woman look tired and deprived of vitamins. It can also increase the risk of gaining weight among women. It is important to treat these women immediately at alcohol rehab centers for women to minimize these risks.

How does alcoholism differ among women?

Alcohol drinking affects men and women differently. Unlike men, women are more likely to engage in alcoholism due to emotional problems, pain, and past traumas. Most men drink alcohol due to peer pressure, to feel more powerful in social situations.

Also, as mentioned, women are at higher health risks and side effects of drinking alcohol. The society also makes it more acceptable for men to drink alcohol than women. And although women drink less often, they tend to become more addicted quickly.

Treatment for alcoholism among women

Treatment programs consider gender-specific factors in designing programs for women. It addresses women's issues, specifically motherhood problems. This is important, especially if the woman is pregnant or has young children or various advanced mental problems. And it gives special consideration for those who have trauma.

The treatment process will start with the detoxification process to get rid of the alcohol in the body. It aims to make the patient more alert and aware and remove the influence of alcohol. Once the body is alcohol-free, programs empower the patients for them to return to their normal life easily.

The path to recovery is scary, especially for women. The Ho Tai Way has one of the best alcohol rehab centers for women. Contact us and begin the way to recovery.

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