A Journey of Healing for Military Women
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Serving in the military is a very empowering yet daunting and life-changing experience to go through. Many women returning home after serving in the military have experienced traumatic things. They may have seen incredible acts of violence and death. They may have watched someone close to them pass away or were even put in a position in which they had to take the life of another. 

Trauma can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as anxiety and depression. When trauma is not addressed, it can cause a woman to be vulnerable to addiction. Many women who served in the military suffer from trauma-related mental illness and addiction simultaneously. It is important that they have access to a facility where they can begin to heal from both disorders. 

Understanding Why Military Women Often Struggle With Addiction 

It’s hard for a woman to return from active duty and simply go back to life as they knew it before. They are often plagued with flashbacks, which are intense episodes when certain triggers cause them to see images and feel sensations that they experienced while they were serving in a war. 

Flashbacks aren’t just a mental experience. Many people that struggle with them often experience smells, tastes, or even sounds that remind them of their trauma. They may also feel pain, tightness in their chest, and pressure in their head. These episodes can come out of nowhere. For example, an individual may be sitting in traffic and happen to hear a car backfire. Even though they are able to recognize that they aren’t in danger, the sound of the car backfiring can remind them so much of a gunshot that they physically respond and can’t separate their past trauma from their current situation. 

In addition to flashbacks, a woman who has returned home from active duty may also struggle with nightmares. They may frequently see the face of someone killed in duty or other graphic images from the war in their sleep. This can be a very uncomfortable experience that can make an individual dread the night and miss out on much-needed sleep, only causing their mental health to continue to suffer. 

For many people who are struggling with these things, it can feel as if they are in their own personal hell. Not to mention the fact that most people at home probably cannot relate to what they’re going through. Eventually, a woman can begin to feel like an outcast and as if they need to isolate themself from their friends and family. It’s at this point that they may turn to substance use as a form of self-medication and as a way to find comfort from her pain. They may tell themselves that they are in control of their usage, only for it to reach a point where they find themselves unable to stop. 

Addiction Treatment for Military Women 

Military women need a calm place where they can begin to heal not only from the trauma they have experienced but also from their addiction. Our facility at The Ho-Tai Way is the perfect place because we specialize in trauma-informed care specifically for women. We treat those who are still active in the military, female veterans, as well as those who are partners of military personnel. We know that in addition to the trauma due to violence military women face, it is also common for them to experience trauma as a result of harassment, abuse, and sexual assault. 

Being around men can be triggering and make the recovery process harder than it needs to be. Because our facility caters to women only, our military patients can feel safe and secure in our environment as they begin to heal. 

We know that a big aspect of being in the military is that you have to be tough both mentally and physically. But just because you may struggle with substance use and mental trauma doesn’t mean that you’re not a strong person. It just means that you need some help, and we have that to offer you. We are compassionate and supportive and offer individualized treatment based on your unique needs and situation. 

You have served your country. Now let us serve you. You deserve a facility where you can heal in peace. At The Ho Tai Way, you will be given the tools and guidance you need to get to know yourself better, find a better connection between your body and spirit, and finally begin moving forward to the next chapter of your life. 

Many women who serve in the military suffer from trauma because of what they went through. They may have witnessed great horror and violence. They may have lost someone close to them. They may have even suffered from trauma as a result of abuse, harassment, and sexual assault from men. This trauma can eventually cause them to turn to substance use as a way to cope with the pain and self-medicate. This can eventually turn into an addiction. At The Ho Tai Way, we use trauma-informed care to treat women in active duty, female veterans, and the partners of military personnel. We are a women-only facility that utilizes both traditional and alternative forms of treatment. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, our team can help; there is hope. Call us at (714) 581-3974 today to learn about how we can help you overcome addiction and find lasting peace.