A Place of Healing for Accomplished Women
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Anyone can struggle with addiction regardless of race, background, age, gender, or ethnicity. Addiction doesn’t always look the same from person to person. Sometimes, there is an untrue stereotype that those who struggle with addiction are only those who have had hard lives and have dealt with things like poverty and homeless, but this is certainly not always the case. 

Some women who struggle with addiction come from prosperous backgrounds and have achieved very successful careers. They may have even raised a family or are in the process of doing so. On the outside, they may seem like they have it all together and are completely in control of their lives. Other women may even look up to them and their success without knowing that these women could also be struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) behind closed doors. 

Treatment for Accomplished Women 

Accomplished women deserve a place where they can seek treatment for their SUD and begin their healing journey while feeling respected and getting the privacy they need. A lot of people who struggle with addiction are hard-working mothers. They spend their days giving to others, whether by raising their children or pouring their time and energy into their careers. They spend very little time receiving and taking care of themselves. When this continues at a fast pace over time, problems can arise. They aren’t taking the time to check in with themselves. They aren’t taking time to manage their stress in productive ways or to practice self-care. 

When you don’t take the time to relieve stress, process emotions, or decompress after a stressful day, tension builds up, and your mental health can suffer. When women are particularly stressed and overwhelmed, they might not even be taking the time to prepare healthy meals for themselves, fit exercise into their daily schedule, or get enough sleep at night. This can make their mental health even worse and cause a woman to be even more vulnerable to falling into addiction. 

Our facility at The Ho-Tai Way is the perfect place for these types of women because our philosophy is all about the process of learning how to receive. We believe that when you continue to give and give, you begin to deplete your own resources. You can’t pour someone else a glass of water from an empty jug. Essentially, this means that you cannot take care of others – or take care of your career – until you take care of yourself first. At The Ho-Tai Way, we can help you develop a sense of balance. We will teach you how to care for your needs – those you’ve made a habit of overlooking. We can help you to become whole again. 

Understanding Our Philosophy 

Many women who get caught up in trying to build their careers, increase their income, and expand their businesses begin to lose sight of what things like wealth and prosperity mean. They may come to believe that wealth is based upon how much money they’re making and how successful their business is. They may come to believe that their prosperity is based upon how big of a house they have, how expensive their clothes are, or even how many followers they have on social media. We see nothing wrong in a woman who is driven and motivated to make the best of herself and her career, and we certainly don’t shame them for it. However, we do encourage them to look at wealth and prosperity in a way they might not have ever done before. 

At The Ho-Tai Way, we view wealth and prosperity, as well as joy and abundance, as the four main gifts of entering recovery. We view prosperity as the ability to live your life free of addiction. We view wealth as the increase in the quality of life you will experience in recovery. We view joy as being able to make gratitude part of your day-to-day life. Finally, we view abundance as the ability to take your mental and emotional wellbeing to new horizons. 

Why You Should Choose The Ho-Tai Way 

There are many treatment facilities out there that may be effective in their own ways, but at The Ho-Tai Way, we look at our patients as individuals first, not as procedures. We look at the whole person, including the body, mind, and spirit. We also believe in education and that by teaching our patients life skills and allowing them to become more self-aware, they will leave our facility feeling more confident and well equipped to enjoy long-lasting recovery. 

When many people think about the type of people that struggle with addiction, they think of those who came from challenging backgrounds or may be suffering from poverty and homelessness. But this is certainly not always the case, and addiction doesn’t always look the same. It is possible for strong, accomplished, and career-driven women to also struggle with addiction. They can also be mothers who have raised a family or are in the process of doing so. They may seem to have it all together on the outside but are secretly struggling with a substance use disorder behind closed doors. These accomplished women need a place where they can begin their healing journey while being treated with respect, and The Ho-Tai Way is the perfect place for them. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction contact our team at (714) 581-3974