Fulfilling Your Potential as a Woman After Addiction
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Behaviors can be deceiving, and believing what the world tells you about yourself is easier than finding the truth. As a woman with addiction, you may have lost your sense of self-worth. Part of the healing process in treatment is finding your truth, finding yourself again, and realizing that you are worthy. As your eyes open to who you are, you can enjoy the gifts life has to offer you and fulfill your potential as a woman.

Fulfilling Your Potential Using the Principles of Ho Tai

The Ho Tai Way takes its name from a philosophy known as Ho Tai, which is derived from Buddhist beliefs. There are four fundamental principles: Prosperity, Wealth, Joy, and Abundance. Seeing these principles through the lens of recovery, we help you discover all of these available gifts. As you realize that you are worthy of these gifts, that you are enough, you will be ready to truly fulfill your potential.

Prosperity: Living an Addiction-Free Lifestyle

The first principle is prosperity, which we view as living an addiction-free lifestyle. As you remove the limitations that substances bring to your mind, body, and spirit, you give yourself the freedom to live prosperously. Your potential is severely limited when you are in active addiction. By seeking treatment and finding your sobriety, you remove those limitations and open yourself up to the gift of prosperity and an addiction-free lifestyle. As you continue to grow into your recovery, your prosperity will also continue to grow.

Wealth: Being Affluent in Your Quality of Life

Finding wealth by being affluent in your quality of life comes naturally as you exchange substance use for healing. You improve your health, your level of happiness, and your level of comfort – all part of your quality of life. This is a wealth that money cannot buy, happiness that is worth more than gold.

Investing in yourself by taking the time to detox and dig deep in therapy to find healing will pay dividends as you begin your recovery. Learning more about addiction and how to prevent relapse, learning how to be mindful, and other important skills will give you wealth in your quality of life both now and in the future.

Joy: Making Gratitude a Way of Life

You can find joy as you learn to express gratitude and make it a way of life. Part of learning to fulfill your potential is realizing that joy is within your power to experience, despite living through addiction.

Expressing your gratitude to others and living feeling grateful will help spread that joy to others around you as well. Gratitude is contagious, and as you give joy to others through gratitude, you will receive gratitude and joy in return.

Abundance: Receiving Wellness in Abundance

The final principle of Ho Tai is abundance, as in receiving wellness in abundance. Healing from addiction involves seeking wellness mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everything you learn in treatment helps you to find wellness in mind, body, and spirit, or what is known as the wholeperson approach to recovery.

As you continue to work on your recovery, you will find that you will receive wellness in abundance in each area, helping you feel complete. Healing as a whole person will help empower you to reach your full potential and accomplish everything that you were meant to achieve.

Letting Your Potential Out

There is wisdom in the statement, “If you don’t let your potential out, it will turn on you.” During addiction, you may have seen this in action. You may have felt that you were not worth pursuing your hopes and dreams or even just standing up for who you are. Finding your sobriety is the first step in finding your truth: you are a woman of worth. Knowing that you are worthy of becoming all that you were meant to be, now is the time to channel your potential and let it out.

Being free from substances allows you to stand tall and pursue whatever you want to in life. You are strong, you are powerful, and you are enough. Those are your truths. As you step into your recovery, you can explore who you really are and what you really want out of life. As you allow yourself to receive all of the gifts that are available to you, you can truly fulfill your potential as a woman and live the life you really want to live. There is nothing more fulfilling in this life than accomplishing the goals you set out for yourself. 

Healing from addiction empowers you to reach your full potential as a woman. By applying the four principles of Ho Tai: Prosperity, Wealth, Joy, and Abundance, as seen through the lens of addiction recovery, you can prepare yourself to receive all of the gifts life has to offer you. Realizing that you are worthy of these gifts and stepping into your power as a woman allows you to fulfill your potential. Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women believes that women can fulfill their potential after addiction. Our residential treatment program is located in Costa Mesa, California, between the soothing mountains and the sunny beaches. Our facility provides a peaceful refuge to learn to love yourself again as you heal from substance abuse. We offer trauma-informed care and evidence-based practices so women can have a safe place to find their way again. Call us today at (714) 581-3974.