How to Begin Your Personal Recovery Journey
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Falling down is easier than getting back up, and sometimes you just need a helping hand. When you begin using substances, you may not even realize that you are developing an addiction. When you decide to start your journey into recovery, you may realize that getting sober on your own is challenging. 

Beginning the recovery process may be more challenging than beginning substance use, but you do not need to do it alone. If this is new to you, here are the basic steps on how to begin your personal recovery journey and what you can expect.

Finding the Right Detox and Residential Treatment for You

When looking for a treatment facility, ideally, you will find a facility that includes both detox and residential treatment. Detox is the initial withdrawal phase you will go through as your body is cleansing from substances and often requires medical supervision. 

There are serious health risks when you stop using substances which can be increased based on your health and medical history. Ensuring the facility you choose offers medical supervision around the clock is essential for your well-being.

When choosing a treatment facility, you will want to be sure that you choose a facility you are comfortable with. Some of the questions you might consider asking a facility include:

  • Do they provide individualized treatment plans?
  • Is their care trauma-informed?
  • Do they offer different types of therapy so you can find what works for you?
  • Do they provide evidence-based treatment?
  • If you have a co-occurring mental health disorder, will they treat that simultaneously?
  • Do they offer specific treatment that meets the needs of women?

You will undoubtedly have other questions of your own, and you should ask them all. You should be sure that you are comfortable with the attitude and helpfulness of the staff as well as their theories about treatment.

Initiating Your Journey Through the Admissions Process

Once you have chosen a facility, you should fill out a contact form online or call the facility to begin the admissions process. A good facility will help you through every step of the way, including preauthorization of your insurance, and let you know upfront what your financial responsibility will be. Cost should never stand in the way of getting treatment, as many programs are available to help you access care. A treatment facility can also help you with any paperwork you need to complete for leave from work or anything else.

What to Expect Upon Arrival and Assessment

When you arrive for treatment, you should be medically and clinically assessed right away. This will include both medical screening and assessing your social and psychological health. You should meet with a clinical evaluation therapist as part of your assessment to create an individualized treatment plan for you. A doctor should also evaluate you within 24 hours of your arrival.

You should also have the opportunity to complete paperwork and have any remaining questions answered upon your arrival. Staff should review facility protocol with you, and you will have your bags searched. You should only bring what you will need for treatment, paying close attention to what not to bring.

Beginning Your Treatment Journey With Detox

Everyone’s detox process is different based on age, health, the type of substance(s) used, and the quantity and how long you used the substances. Your initial withdrawal process of detox will be a period where you will be made as comfortable as possible as your body cleanses. 

Your symptoms will also vary according to substance. While no one can accurately predict what your detox experience will be like, the withdrawal process will be shorter-lived than the side effects of long-term substance use.

Creating the Roadmap for Your Journey in Residential Treatment

Once you have completed your detox period, you begin the treatment process. Each day will be filled with various individual and group therapies, study and education groups, 12-Step and other support meetings, trauma-informed yoga and art, and other healing activities. During this time, you will learn more about yourself, why you began using substances, and how to heal from trauma and shame.

You will also learn how to cope with cravings and prevent relapse. You will be given the opportunity to build a support network and prepare for aftercare to continue your recovery journey. Your treatment process is when your roadmap for your recovery journey is created. Your willingness to be honest with yourself and work hard will pay lifelong dividends in healing. Treatment is the stepping stone for the rest of your life of living in mental wellness and self-empowerment. Take that first step of your recovery journey today.

Beginning your recovery journey will likely be more difficult than beginning substance use was, but you do not need to do this alone. You can choose a facility that will help you through the detox and treatment process and put you on the path to recovery. By selecting a facility that meets your needs and will create a truly individualized treatment plan, you can access the support you need for healing. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women is a detox and residential treatment center specifically for women. We provide trauma-informed care for women with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our Costa Mesa, California facility is a peaceful refuge for healing with compassionate, non-judgmental care. We offer many different types of both evidence-based and complementary therapies. What questions do you have about beginning your recovery journey? Call us today at (714) 581-3974.