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Recovery is a personal journey. No one else can do the work or follow the path for you. Others may walk beside you and offer guidance but the journey is yours and you must take responsibility for it. Knowing that there is an actual problem is difficult realization for anyone to reach. No one wants to admit they have lost control. Once that realization hits, however, you must take the initiative to get the help you need. While realizing there is a problem can be devastating, asking for help in any way is humbling, and in some cases, overwhelming. Finding the right rehab center can be overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. Do your research and look for the one that fits YOU and will be good for YOUR journey.

Understanding That You Need Help

Many people who struggle with drugs and alcohol often have to reach a “point of no return” so to speak, before they realize they are in dire straits. Many feel that asking for any type of help, be it rehab or counseling, is a sign of failure or defeat. Not true. You only fail or remain defeated if you don't get back up and take the necessary action to heal yourself. You only fail if you allow others to keep you in a position of failure. Step up and step out of that confining space by finding ways to help nurture your journey as well as your well-being.

Understanding that you need help shouldn't be the indication that you're a “bad person”. Instead, it should be the wake-up call you need to realize you do have a future outside of the drugs and alcohol. Once the realization is made and you have the desire to overcome your obstacles, one of your next steps is finding a rehab center that will allow you to achieve your goals by walking your personal journey. Not all rehab centers are alike. Some offer inpatient and outpatient services while others focus primarily on using counseling or medication-assisted recovery programs

Location, Location, Location

There are rehab and detox centers all over the United States While choosing a rehab center near you may seem convenient, it can also be a disaster. Being close to home may be comforting and will allow your family and friends to visit you, it can also be somewhat of a deterrent. Constant visits can take your focus away from your recovery and put it on areas that may cause you stress and slow your progress. Being so close to your home may also cause you to become complacent and not work as hard as you should. Having a false sense of security can work against you when you know the comforts of home are only a short distance away.

Many times, doctors refer their patients to rehab and detox centers that are across the country or at least several hundred miles away. The reason for this is to allow patients to learn to rely on themselves. When your home is a few miles away, you are secure in the fact that your comfort zone is close by and that you have others you can rely on. In most cases, entering a rehab that is a greater distance from your home will allow you to focus more fully on yourself, your needs, and your recovery. Many rehab facilities also restrict contact with family members for the first 30 days to allow you to get settled in and start to prepare yourself for the road ahead. Being far from home helps to maintain that isolation giving you the full benefit of your time at the facility.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you want to find the right facility for your individual needs, talking to your doctor will provide you with vital information you will need to make a good choice. Your doctor knows first-hand, your medical issues as well as your mental health needs. With their input, you can find a detox and rehab facility that will meet your needs and allow you to follow a recovery path that works for you. Your journey is unique to you. What works for you may not work for others and, if it does, it may not work at the same pace.

When it comes to personal recovery, you may need a facility that offers multiple treatment options. This is especially true if you have what is known as a “dual diagnosis”. A dual diagnosis involves a mental health disorder in addition to your specific type of addiction. By treating the mental illness first, the doctors can assess your needs in terms of your actual addiction. As you work through the detox process and your mental health begins to stabilize, you are better able to understand the reasons behind your addiction and why you are drawn to the drugs and alcohol.

Years of Experience

When choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, you want to choose one that has been in business for several years and has a long-standing reputation for offering quality care. Newer centers may be very reputable but may not have built up their client base sufficiently enough to be rated well. In this case, look at the providers at the facility who work with the patients. Many doctors and caregivers who have been in the business for several years often venture out on their own, developing a treatment plan that often becomes their “signature”. Explore these options just as you would facilities that have been in business for several years.

Available Resources

Look for facilities that offer a variety of available resources to their patients. While multiple treatment options are available during your stay, you will also need resources for when you leave the facility and return home. Find out if your drug and alcohol rehab center has affiliate partners in your area who will continue to provide services when you finally return home. Find a facility that is well-connected to other healthcare providers and is willing to work with them as you continue on your recovery journey.

Long-Term Counseling Options

If you are like many who are in recovery, you want to consider long-term counseling options. Counseling gives you an outlet to discuss what changes you are making in your life. While these changes were started and nurtured while you were in treatment, it's up to you to learn how to maintain your newly established lifestyle. This can be a daunting task once you at home and many of your prior triggers start to present themselves. Long-term counseling is available when you need it and will give you a way to reconnect with your treatment plan when you need it.

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