Is Residential Treatment for Addiction the Right Fit for Me?
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When you make the decision to get help for a substance use disorder (SUD), you’ll have some different options to consider when it comes to what treatment is right for you. Some people choose to do an outpatient treatment program. This is when they continue living at home but attend a treatment facility on a regular basis. Other people choose inpatient treatment, which is sometimes referred to as residential treatment. This is when you live at the facility full-time throughout your treatment. There are benefits to each form of a treatment program. It’s vital that you know what to expect from each option before coming to your decision.  

What Are the Benefits of Each Form of Treatment? 

Everyone’s situation with substance misuse is unique; what might be the right fit for one person might not be the best option for another. It’s important to always listen to the advice of a professional when choosing your treatment. However, some factors may play into your decision-making. 

Consider some of the benefits of outpatient treatment: 

  • You don’t have to worry about taking time off work since you can still stick to your regular schedule. 
  • You won’t have to arrange for childcare since you will continue living at home. 
  • Outpatient treatment is generally less expensive than residential treatment. 
  • Outpatient treatment plans tend to be pretty flexible regarding timing and schedules. 

You’ll also want to consider some of the benefits of residential treatment: 

  • You’ll be under the regular supervision of medical professionals in case an emergency arises. 
  • Care providers can provide you with medical support to alleviate the symptoms of detox. 
  • You won’t have to worry about temptation during treatment because you’ll be living in an entirely substance-free environment. 
  • You’ll be able to recover without the distractions of day-to-day life and will be able to focus on healing fully. 
  • Psychologists will be regularly available for you to speak to. 

What Can I Expect From The Ho Tai Way Residential Program? 

Our facility offers a residential treatment program where our patients come and stay full-time, beginning with the detox process through the duration of their treatment. A typical stay is usually around 21 to 23 days. We utilize trauma-informed care and strive to help our patients look within themselves and discover their inner strength during the recovery process. 

Our patients will have a structured day with plenty of resources and programs. These programs are designed to help them learn, build resilience, strengthen their self-awareness, learn healthy coping mechanisms for stress, and determine what future goals they have for themselves. We will also help them decide what specific steps they need to take to reach these goals. 

Our patients’ day-to-day life will include the following activities: 

  • Access to both individual and group therapy
  • Mindfulness and gratitude practice 
  • Daily 12-Step meetings
  • Weekly group therapy
  • A weekly progress tracker to determine how they’re doing 

The 12-Step approach is the framework that guides each aspect of recovery here at The Ho-Tai Way. We utilize it while prioritizing compassion, empathy, and inclusiveness. We know that each individual’s background and situation are unique. Some of our patients may be coming from situations of domestic violence. Others may have experienced other forms of trauma that played a role in their substance misuse. The last thing that we want is for someone to enter our facility and feel uncomfortable or triggered. This is why we also offer trauma-informed care. 

This type of care takes consideration of a woman’s background and acknowledges that their experiences and their trauma play a role in their recovery journey. We aim to empower the women that enter our facility by allowing them to heal at their own pace. This is part of the reason why our facility caters to women only. We believe that women deserve to have the option to go through treatment while surrounded by only other women. This can not only help avoid possible discomfort but can allow them to form unique bonds with other women. 

What Makes The Ho-Tai Way Treatment Program Unique? 

In addition to trauma-informed care, we also offer some more modern methods of treatment. Some examples of this include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). For our patients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we also offer eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). This is a form of treatment that not every facility offers. It involves reprocessing the way that an individual remembers specific memories. It can help them to begin to heal from traumatic events. It can even help one to reprocess memories that occurred many years ago that have been repressed by the individual. We also offer additional treatment methods such as psychoeducation based on shame, yoga, and group sand play therapy. 

When you make the decision to get help for a substance use disorder, you’ll have some different options to consider when it comes to what treatment is right for you. This includes either outpatient or residential treatment. There are benefits to each and it is important that a patient know their options when making a decision. At The Ho Tai Way, we offer a residential treatment program. Our patients come and stay at our facility for the duration of their treatment. This is typically between 21 to 23 days. We offer a variety of services to help empower our patients and allow them to find their inner strength while recovering. Call The Ho Tai Way today at (714) 581-3974