Married to the Military: Support for Military Wives
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It is often discussed how much of a sacrifice those in the military make to serve their country. They are away from their friends and family, often for long periods of time. Often, these individuals have to live under difficult conditions. They even put their own lives on the line. 

But the individuals that are perhaps not discussed as often are the wives these individuals have to leave behind. This is an incredibly difficult thing for these women to go through, and it can take a major toll on their mental health. Some may even turn to substance misuse as a way to cope. 

That is why it is crucial that women who are military wives have the resources and support that they need during such difficult times. This is something that we provide at The Ho Tai Way. 

Understanding the Challenges of Military Wives

There are so many challenges that women married to military personnel face. Not only are they forced to be apart from the person they love for extended periods of time, but they also must confront the fact that their spouse may never return home. In many cases, those in the military are restricted from sharing certain details about what they are doing and where they are stationed. As a result, this uncertainty can exacerbate the stress that spouses go through. 

It is important to also consider the spouses of active duty military personnel that are mothers. Some women have to go through pregnancies and even give birth without their spouse at their side. This can feel like an incredibly isolating experience. The joys associated with this time can be tainted by the fact that the husband isn’t there to experience it too. 

Consider also what it is like after the birth of a child. The mother doesn’t have her husband to help support her during late-night feedings. He’s not there to help change diapers or join her for doctor’s appointments. To go through this new and foreign time of life without the support of a partner can be very difficult. 

Some wives of military personnel have more than one child. They face the responsibilities of parenthood all on their own while their spouse is away on duty. Things like preparing meals, taking the children to school and sports practices, taking care of the house, and any other duties fall solely on their shoulders. Not to mention the fact that the children are also likely struggling with their father being away. 

Some women also have to move around the country a lot as a result of their partner’s service duties. Constantly having to be uprooted and away from friends and family can carry its own stresses. This stress, day after day, can be incredibly emotionally taxing. It can take a toll on one’s mental health and lead to problems like anxiety, depression, and substance misuse. 

Overcoming the Need to Be Tough

People in the military have a reputation for being tough, resilient, and willing to handle anything life throws at them. Perhaps they shove their emotions down instead of dealing with them or talking about them. They must be tough in this way to get through the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

But many don’t consider the fact that their wives have to be tough as well. They have to go through the challenges of life without their partner by their side. While they might feel like wallowing in their sorrow, they have no choice but to get up every day and carry on no matter how difficult it gets. 

However, nobody can be tough all the time. Human beings have emotions: They have ups and downs and vulnerabilities. For some people who have been forced to be tough for a long period of time, it can be difficult to admit when they have a problem or need help. 

To acknowledge that a person needs help is not weak; in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s an incredibly strong and brave thing to seek help and work toward bettering oneself. 

Getting Help at The Ho Tai Way

The Ho Tai Way offers treatment for military women who are struggling with substance misuse. This treatment is offered not only for military women who are in active duty or have been in active duty but also for the spouses of military personnel. Our women-only facility acknowledges that these women have had to be tough for a long time and have gone through numerous challenges. When they come to us to receive treatment for substance misuse, they can rest assured that they will be treated with respect and will have a safe environment to recover in. 

At The Ho Tai way, such women can put down their walls, allow themselves to be vulnerable, and put themselves first. 

If you are the spouse of someone in active duty, you know how hard it can be to face life’s challenges without your partner at your side. You may feel as if it is your responsibility to be strong for everyone in your family who is missing your partner. Many women in such situations turn to substance misuse to cope with this pain and stress. If this is your situation, you are not alone. There are resources that can help, and you don’t have to continue to live this way. Call The Ho Tai Way today at (714) 581-3974. We can answer any questions you have about the treatment programs we have available.