Prosperity in Healing From Substance Abuse
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Prosperity is often associated with wealth, good fortune, and success. This is one way of viewing it when looked at through material or affluent eyes. However, in recovery, prosperity can be viewed entirely differently. At The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women, we consider the principle of prosperity as living an addiction-free lifestyle.

The Principle of Prosperity in Recovery

While in active addiction, prosperity is not likely to be a part of your vocabulary. Substance abuse suffocates the spirit and is quite the opposite of prosperity, which involves thriving or living freely. Many describe addiction as being a slave to drugs or alcohol, which does not allow you to be emotionally, physically, or spiritually prosperous.

Viewing prosperity within recovery allows you to break free from the bonds of addiction. As you work to achieve a life that is free from substances and addiction, you will find that you will recognize the wealth of blessings that come from living an addiction-free lifestyle. The further away you walk from addiction, the more you will be able to identify all of these blessings. The more you can recognize these blessings in your life, the more you will receive them.

Finding Success in Addiction Treatment

The idea of going through addiction treatment can seem overwhelming at first. But, you also know that you cannot keep living like this. Substance abuse steals your quality of life and can even endanger your life or the lives of others. Rather than face treatment as an insurmountable mountain, begin your process and take each day one step at a time.

Success in conquering substance abuse can start with enrolling in a treatment program. Making it through detox is another success. Each day you go without a drink or using another substance is a success. Sometimes, each moment that you are able to live addiction-free is a success. The more success you find in treatment, the more prosperous you will feel. As you continue on in your recovery journey, you will find even more success and prosperity along your way.

What Does Prosperity in Health Look Like?

Your health is key to prosperity in your life. When you do not feel well, when you cannot function at 100%, it impacts everything that you do. During substance use, your brain is rewired to crave the things that will damage your mind, body, and spirit, affecting your overall health. You probably know that substances can impact your physical health. Anyone who has ever experienced a hangover or crashed after being high knows that this is not a good feeling.

But have you ever considered how addiction impacts your mind and your spiritual health? Substances create limitations on you as a human being, limiting your overall health and function. Prosperity in health is the opposite. Living addiction-free allows you to take steps every day to fill your mind, body, and spirit with good things. When you have freed yourself from substance abuse, you remove the limitations drinking and using drugs place on your health and are free to prosper physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Recovery Brings Wellness

Like health, wellness encompasses all of the dimensions of your life. In addition to being well physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you might also add that recovery brings wellness to you socially. This can be a particular blessing for those with co-occurring mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety.

Because substance abuse exacerbates mental health issues, working through treatment into recovery to live addiction-free can bring greater wellness to your life simply by taking away an adverse factor. Removing substances allows you to focus on maintaining mental health, too. Wellness is often considered an active goal to pursue, so the more you work in your recovery process, the greater prosperity you will find there.

Creating Your Own Good Fortune in Life

There is a saying that “fortune favors the brave.” This is especially true when healing from substance abuse. Some people wait for fortune to find them, yet others seek to create their own. As you seek treatment and healing from addiction, you are not only brave, but you can make your good fortune as well.

Treatment for addiction involves not just becoming sober but also looking at the reasons why you previously used substances. By reaching deep inside of you to find healing, you open yourself up to the prosperity and good fortune that comes with healing from addiction. Living an addiction-free lifestyle can bring you overall prosperity in your life, in mind, body, and spirit.

The principle of prosperity is not only about wealth or good fortune. In recovery, you can find success and prosperity in the form of health, wellness, and receiving the good fortune that you deserve by working to free yourself from addiction. Living an addiction-free life will bring you gifts of prosperity that are unimaginable in active substance abuse. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women is founded on the four principles of Ho Tai, which are prosperity, wealth, joy, and abundance. We believe that you deserve to receive these gifts as they pertain to your treatment and recovery from addiction. Our residential treatment program for women is focused on teaching you to use what you already have inside to become the best person you can be. Our safe, comfortable facility is located in beautiful Southern California. Call us today at (714) 581-3974 to learn more about how you can find prosperity in recovery.