Recovery Resolutions for the New Year
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This is around the time of year when many people like to reflect upon their lives and consider what's going well and what's not. They may come up with New Year's resolutions that they would like to implement moving forward. Common resolutions often include things like saving money, working out more, or eating healthier. But have you ever heard of making recovery resolutions? These are things you can do to strengthen your recovery and make sure that you're sticking firmly onto your recovery path. 

These things don't have to be significant changes. Instead, they can be small things that you can work into your daily life to ensure that you're continuing to make progress and staying away from old habits. 

Understanding the Value of Making Recovery Resolutions

You may be thinking something like, "I'm already in recovery and am not planning on going backward anytime soon." The reality is, however, that it doesn't matter how long someone has been sober, how committed they are to their recovery, or how much work they are putting in to maintain that recovery. Relapse is always possible for anyone in recovery; it can come anytime, even when you least expect it. 

Even if you feel that the things you are currently doing to maintain your recovery are working, adding new things or trying something different never hurts. Supplementing your traditional treatment methods with additional techniques can do nothing to harm but only help you. They can help you learn more about yourself, develop new life skills, and establish new ways of dealing with stress. Keep an open mind, and you might be surprised by what you learn. 

Recovery Resolutions that Can Improve Your Mental Health 

The better your mental health, the better you are at maintaining your recovery. When people are stressed, anxious, or depressed, they are more likely to be impulsive or make poor decisions. This is continuing to learn new strategies to take care of your mental health is so important. 

If you're looking to try some new recovery resolutions that can help improve your mental health, you may want to consider some of the following: 

#1 Journaling: Journaling is quick, easy, and extremely inexpensive. It is an excellent way for you to process how you're feeling and become more in tune with yourself. You can do it whenever and however often you would like. If you're a beginner to the journaling world, you may want to consider gratitude journaling. This involves writing down three things you're grateful for every single day. This can help you focus on what you do have instead of what you don't. 

#2 Yoga/meditation: If you've never tried yoga before, you may be a little skeptical about its benefits. But it has truly helped many people find relief from stress, become more grounded, and establish a calmer demeanor. You can take classes or do it from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of tutorials online that can guide you for free. 

#3 Breathing exercises: Many mistakes can happen in the heat of the moment because we don't allow ourselves to calm down and collect our thoughts before acting upon them. Breathing exercises are a great way to manage stress and anger. They can also help promote good decision-making. 

#4 Trying out a new support group: You may feel very connected with the support group you've been going to for years. While you certainly shouldn't leave it behind, it may help to try out a new group, even if for just once a week. Being around new people can help you establish fresh perspectives and re-motivate you in your recovery journey. Being around those new to their recovery journey, in particular, can help remind you why you chose to get sober in the first place. You may also find yourself looking back and seeing all the progress that you have made so far. 

Examples of Recovery Resolutions that Can Improve Your Physical Health

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. The more you take care of your physical health, the more your mental health will begin to improve. In turn, you'll be better able to continue to commit yourself to your recovery. Maybe you're already doing things to take care of your physical health by eating right and going to the gym. However, try to consider working in new ways to ensure you're as healthy as possible. 

Some ideas include: 

  • Taking an exercise class 
  • Joining a local recreational sports team 
  • Trying out meal planning 
  • Training for a marathon 
  • Working with a nutritionist to develop a diet that fits your needs 
  • Spending more time outside to increase your vitamin D levels 
  • Drinking more water 

It doesn't matter how long you've been sober or how committed to your recovery journey you may be. Relapse can happen at any time, even when you least expect it. That's why it is important to continue to recommit yourself to your sobriety. As this year comes to an end, consider what recovery resolutions you would like to set for yourself. Maybe you want to work toward improving your mental health by trying something new like meditation, yoga, or journaling. Or maybe you want to work on your physical health by improving your diet or introducing a new form of exercise into your life. If you are struggling with substance misuse, The Ho Tai Way can help. Call (714) 581-3974 today.