What is the Importance of Female Connection?
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Humans are social beings. That means that we thrive due to connections with other humans. For women, in particular, the connections that we have with other women are incredibly important. These relationships are not only needed to help us through the struggles in life but also to have someone to share things with during the good times. 

This is not to say that relationships that women have with men are not also important in their own way. However, it is well-known that women and men operate differently. They process their thoughts differently, they problem-solve differently, and they experience emotions differently. Thus, a woman can empathize with another woman more than she can with a man. This is part of the reason why the female connection is so important in recovery. It’s also part of the reason why The Ho Tai Way is a female-only treatment facility. 

How Do Women Connect With Other Women Differently Than Men?

Most women know from their own experience that there are certain things that they are going to enjoy doing with other women than they would a man, even their own boyfriend or husband. This is completely dependent on the individual, and it is not to say that men and women can’t enjoy the same activities. However, generally speaking, there are some things that women are going to be more passionate and excited about than men. When someone else is matching your energy with regard to a certain activity, you’re naturally going to enjoy that activity more. 

For example, consider going on a shopping trip with another woman who enjoys shopping. They will tend to provide you with honest feedback about purchases you are considering, share your enthusiasm over a great find or good deal, and have as much fun as you are having. Obviously, this would be a more enjoyable experience than if you were with a man who did not enjoy shopping. He may be disinterested, checked out, and excited about it being time to leave. Shopping is just one general example, but this same sort of theme can be associated with a lot of different activities. 

Female Perspective

In addition, talking with another woman and opening up to them about your emotions is just a different experience than doing so with a man. This is because women can simply relate to each other and understand each other in a way that men often cannot, even if they put forth their best effort. This is why many women feel compelled to talk through their emotions with other females. 

Take, for example, you’ve just gone on your first date with someone new. You’re excited and eager to talk to someone about it and go over all the details. Your first instinct is probably not going to be to call up a male family member or male friend. Instead, you would probably be more likely to call up your mom, a sister, or one of your girlfriends. This is because you know they are going to understand the feelings of going on a first date from the female perspective. They will be able to provide insight and a female perspective. 

Why Only Women at The Ho Tai Way?

The Ho Tai Way is a female-only facility, and we chose that for several reasons. First of all, we believe that the female connection plays an important role in recovery. When female patients enter our facility, they get to have the chance to connect with other women who may have similar life experiences as them. This connection can help provide hope and encouragement as they go through a new stage in their life. Ideally, they may even form friendships that will carry through even after they leave our treatment facility. 

When women have other women to support them, they experience a sense of empowerment that is unlike anything else. This empowerment can provide them with the strength to keep going. It can also reaffirm their knowledge that they have what it takes to complete this process and follow through with their recovery journey. 

Finally, another reason why we are a female-only facility is that we believe that women deserve a chance to recover where they can be fully relaxed and at ease. Those that enter our facility come from a lot of different backgrounds. Some are coming from really traumatizing situations. Some of our patients are in the process of healing from abuse at the hands of a male. Being around other men and possibly even being made uncomfortable by men while they are trying to heal can set back their recovery. A women-only facility provides a sense of safety and security so they can be at peace during their stay and begin their recovery journey. 

Female connection is essential and can play a major role in one’s mental health. Women need to be able to connect with other women. This connection is different than that with a male because women process emotions and thoughts differently. They can understand one another on a deeper level. Female connection plays a big role at The Ho Tai Way, a woman-only treatment facility. At our facility, our patients can connect with each other over similar life experiences. They can empower and support one another in a very unique way. This can help provide the motivation to continue. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, our team can help. Call (714) 581-3974 today.