What is the Whole Person Approach When Treating Substance Misuse?
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When it comes to recovery from substance misuse, people typically tend to think only about the detox process and the following abstinence from using drugs or alcohol. However, in reality, recovery goes a whole lot deeper than that. In order to truly achieve a successful long-term recovery, one must address and treat deeper issues within themselves, including whatever root causes led them to turn to substance misuse in the first place.

At The Ho Tai Way, we believe in the whole-person approach when it comes to treating substance misuse. This approach looks to foster healing by looking at the needs of an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. This can help an individual to reconnect with oneself and finally address issues that they may have been avoiding for years. This approach helps to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

What Is the Purpose of Healing from Within?

Imagine what would happen if someone was to enter treatment and go through the steps of getting sober and then just leave without ever having done any of the work to address the deeper problems at hand? Maybe they would stay sober for a little while, but chances are that as time goes on, they would turn back to substance misuse. 

Going through treatment without ever addressing one’s emotional pain, or the factors in their life that contributed to their substance use to begin with would be unproductive. It would be similar to breaking a bone and putting a band-aid on it and just hoping it will get better instead of going to the doctor. It’s essentially ignoring the problem beneath the surface. 

This is why it is so important to heal from within. At The Ho Tai Way, we don’t just help our patients through the detox process. We offer a variety of treatment methods that promote inner healing so that they can get sober and stay sober. 

Healing From Substance Misuse at The Ho Tai Way

The Ho Tai Way offers a variety of resources and treatment options to help women heal from within during their stay with us. Through 12-step meetings and a Big Book study group, women can not only share their stories but learn from the stories of other women who are also working on themselves and their sobriety. We also offer trauma-informed care, including trauma-informed therapy, art, and yoga. 

Trauma-informed care is such an important part of healing from within because it addresses past hurt that is often what triggered substance misuse to begin with. So many people that battle addiction have experienced something in the past that brought them deep-rooted pain. This trauma can be tied back all the way to childhood. 

This trauma could be linked to the unexpected death of a loved one, witnessing an act of violence, surviving a natural disaster, or being the victim of some sort of abuse. When this pain becomes so overwhelming, people tend to bury it deep down and try to ignore it instead of confronting it head-on. Although this can go on for years, regardless of how long one chooses to ignore it, it’s never really gone. This is why some turn to substance misuse to cope. 

Through trauma-informed care, a person can finally confront this issue head-on. They can learn about how this trauma has affected their overall mental health and quality of life. Finally, they can then begin the process of healing and moving on. 

Preparing for a Life Free of Substance Misuse

Another important aspect of fostering long-term recovery is preparing for life outside of the treatment facility. Obviously, things are going to be different from here on out. Once a patient leaves our facility, they are not going to go back and be doing the same things they were doing before. This is why it is important for a person to consider what changes they’re going to make moving forward to make sure that they’re not only happy and at peace, but not tempted to engage in substance misuse. 

Maybe this involves letting go of toxic relationships that no longer serve a person. Maybe it involves finding a better living situation, which is not going to include being around people engaging in substance misuse and threatening their sobriety. It could also include attending therapy to continue learning new productive ways to combat stress. 

At The Ho Tai Way, we want to make sure our patients are as prepared as possible for living a life free of substance misuse following their time with us. This is why we offer life skills development. Some of the things that we teach include: 

  • Learning how to prepare healthy, nourishing meals
  • Being able to properly manage finances
  • Establishing healthy daily routines
  • Learning how to move forward with one’s education or career
  • Being able to care for one’s home 

At The Ho Tai Way, we believe that the whole-person approach is necessary for helping to promote a successful, long-term recovery. It helps to address the deeper issues that often hide beneath the surface that can trigger relapse in the future. If you’re struggling with substance misuse and have been considering getting treatment, now is the time to do so. There is no reason to put off this process, which will help you begin the journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself. It is the most important and most rewarding journey that you may ever go on. If you’re ready to get help, call our team at The Ho Tai Way at (714) 581-3974 today.