What Makes The Ho Tai Way Different From Other Treatment Programs?
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Choosing a residential treatment program for addiction is not as easy as it may seem because not all programs are the same. Various programs have different treatment philosophies, methods, and levels of care. For example, many facilities offer programs for both men and women; however, the programs were actually researched and designed only for men. With these ideas in mind, what is it that makes The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women different from other treatment programs?

Setting a Standard for Quality of Care

At The Ho Tai Way, we are never satisfied with doing the bare minimum. From our memberships and accreditations to everything we do for each patient, we set a high standard for ourselves when it comes to quality of care. We value doing our best to give you the best chances for success in your treatment and recovery. While you are at The Ho Tai Way and even after you leave, we offer you the highest standard for quality of care.

Our Commitment to Integrity

Your trust is important to us. You come to treatment at a vulnerable time, and we are committed to maintaining our integrity. Both as a principle as well as to maintain your trust, our commitment to you is to follow through on our promises. We teach honesty and integrity as principles to you as a patient, meaning we honor those principles as a facility as well.

Offering You Truly Personal Care

You are the reason The Ho Tai Way exists. Everyone who comes to us is unique in their character and experiences, so we feel that each person’s treatment should be unique as well. Healing from addiction is a deeply personal experience that requires deeply personalized care in order to be effective.

Why We Go Above and Beyond for You

From simple gestures like offering a sober escort to pick you up from the airport if needed to helping you fill out paperwork or make phone calls to helping you select the outpatient program that is right for you for your aftercare, The Ho Tai Way will always go above and beyond for you. We genuinely care about you as a person. We believe in your success in treatment and life and are here to support you.

What It Means to Provide Gender-Specific Care for Women

Men and women have different needs in treatment for addiction. Most treatment over the years has been tailored to meet the needs of men, and until recently, research on addiction recovery was based on men as well. The Ho Tai Way not only recognizes the gender-specific needs of women in the treatment of addiction, but we also specialize in care for women and treat those identifying as females exclusively. 

To help women heal from addiction, we offer trauma-informed care, providing women with a safe place to heal. Our curriculum also allows women to collaborate in their own treatment and to be empowered in the process.

Combining Evidence-Based and Holistic Treatments

In our commitment to providing individualized treatment plans, we offer evidence-based and complementary treatment modalities or therapies. We rely on evidence-based therapeutic methods, but we also offer holistic therapies as complementary treatments, as we have found many people respond well to various types of treatments. In providing both types of treatments, you have access to more choices, and we can better tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs.

Our Focus on Education in Treatment

Another aspect of The Ho Tai Way that sets us apart from other facilities is our focus on education. From teaching you about self-awareness, learning to move past shame, learning about why trauma still affects you, and learning essential skills like relapse prevention, we want to help you learn everything you can while you are with us. We believe that education empowers you to become the best version of yourself.

Founded on the Principles of Ho Tai

The Ho Tai Way is founded on a Buddhist framework for understanding the world known as the principles of Ho Tai and focuses on four gifts: Prosperity, Wealth, Joy, and Abundance. We interpret these gifts through the lens of recovery and teach you how to receive these gifts in your life. 

You are worthy of all of these gifts. They are not goals for you to work toward until you are exhausted; they are gifts for you to receive. As you learn more about yourself, you will be prepared to receive all of the Prosperity, Wealth, Joy, and Abundance in recovery. We believe that you already have the tools inside you to achieve sobriety. We help you use them.

What makes the Ho Tai Way different from other treatment programs? What sets us apart is our quality of care, our integrity, and the truly personal care we give each patient. We go above and beyond for you, offering gender-specific care for women and combining both evidence-based and holistic treatments to create individualized treatment plans. Our focus on education and the principles of Ho Tai makes us unique amongst detox and residential care facilities. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women is located in beautiful, sunny Costa Mesa, California, and is a peaceful, calm refuge for healing from addiction. Our staff offers a compassionate and nonjudgmental support system for your treatment. What are your unique individual treatment needs? Call The Ho Tai Way to let us know at (714) 581-3974 today. We want to help you find your way again.