Why Is Self-Sufficiency in Recovery So Important?
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Learning to be self-sufficient is an important aspect of recovery. We know that nobody is born self-sufficient; it is something that is developed over time as we get older, learn and develop certain skills, and become more independent. Self-sufficiency is necessary for someone to get through life on their own. It involves even the most basic things, like being able to cook for yourself, keep your house in order, and work to pay the bills. Self-sufficiency in recovery is something that may take time to develop again. 

When someone struggles with substance misuse, they begin to lose their sense of self-sufficiency. They may begin to struggle to take care of themselves. Their substance misuse may cause them to struggle at work or even lose their job. This, in turn, can affect their ability to live independently if they are no longer bringing in an income. The good news is that you can regain self-sufficiency by seeking treatment for addiction and beginning your recovery journey. 

What Does It Mean to Be Self-Sufficient?

In general, self-sufficiency involves being able to take care of your own basic needs. This means the ability to pay for food, clothing, shelter, and basic medical care. It can be said that self-sufficiency comes in different categories. One example is financial self-sufficiency. To be financially self-sufficient means that you know when your next paycheck is coming and have a steady income. If you do have any debts, you are financially self-sufficient enough to be able to pay them off. 

To be financially self-sufficient is also to be financially secure. In other words, if something were to happen and you did lose your job, you would have savings that you could rely upon. You would also have some sort of skill, experience, or education that you can use to get yourself more work in the future. 

You could also say that self-sufficiency can be connected to one's ability to live alone. A self-sufficient person is able to care for their own basic needs without having to rely upon someone else to help them. 

How Can You Rebuild Self-Sufficiency in Recovery?

In order to begin rebuilding self-sufficiency in recovery, you must first have a stable environment. This is what is provided by a treatment facility. It's a safe and controlled environment where there are no drugs or alcohol present to worry about. Thus, you are able to begin to heal from past trauma, learn positive habits, focus on taking care of your health, and re-learning how to become a self-sufficient human being. 

But you don't have to go through this process alone. At your treatment facility, you will be guided by the staff who will help you to learn and prepare for a successful sober life outside of treatment. This involves developing important life skills that you can carry with you. 

How Does The Ho Tai Way Promote Self-Sufficiency?

At The Ho Tai Way, we offer a residential treatment program where our patients come and stay with us as they go through the detox process and begin regaining their self-sufficiency. Patients attend individual therapy, go to support group meetings, and have access to trauma-informed yoga and much more. Through all of these things, they learn more about themselves and come to better understand why they ever turned to substance use to begin with. They can then begin to work through these problems and start anew. 

At our treatment facility, we want to equip our patients with everything they may possibly need to prepare them for a successful sober life when they leave our facility. Thus, we incorporate life skills development into our treatment program. We do this so our patients will be able to care for themselves moving forward. 

One thing we focus on is helping patients determine what next steps they are going to take to further themselves after treatment, whether it be through continuing their education or building a career. This is to help ensure that they will one day be financially self-sufficient and be able to take care of all their needs on their own. 

Our patients also learn how to prepare healthy meals to nourish themselves, how to build strong daily routines to promote productivity and make the most of their time, how to make prudent financial decisions, and how to keep their house in order. 

Regaining Self-Sufficiency in Recovery Is Possible

No matter how long it may have been that an individual has had to rely upon others as a result of their own substance misuse, it is possible for them to regain their self-sufficiency. All it takes is time and willingness to make a change and put in the work to stay on the path of recovery. Remember, through recovery, anything is possible. 

It can be very difficult to lose one's sense of self-sufficiency as a result of substance misuse. It can feel shameful and scary not being able to provide for yourself in the way you once did. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Self-sufficiency can be restored, and the best way to do this is through treatment for addiction and beginning your recovery journey. You will learn how to once again be completely independent and in control of your own life, which can be a very liberating feeling. If you're ready to make the change, reach out to our team at The Ho Tai Way today at (714) 581-3974. We are happy to answer any of your questions.