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As an entrepreneur or working professional, your career is an important focus in your life. You may feel like you don’t have time for treatment for substance abuse. Particularly as a woman, where societal and gender differences make it more challenging to compete in the business world, taking time out of your work can seem like a very poor career choice. However, keeping everything together while in active substance use is typically a much worse career choice. Deciding to seek help for addiction can be the wisest business decision you will ever make.

Are You Really In Charge of Your Life?

When you are focused on your career, you might tell yourself that you are in control and charge of your life. However, with addiction, your brain is rewired to primarily seek substances. The reward center in your brain becomes focused on accessing more drugs or alcohol more frequently, a process over which you have less and less control as time goes by.

Knowing how addiction works, then, are you really in control? How can you truly do your job well and build your business better when your mind cannot give 100% to your work? How can you focus on reaching your career goals when your mind and body are focused on the next drink or the next high?

Making the Right Decision for You

The sooner you decide to seek treatment for substance abuse, the sooner you can get your career back on track. Choosing a program for healing is an individual one, and you need to make the right decision for yourself. While taking time away from your work can be particularly scary for women, who often face significant gender disparities in the business world, remaining in addiction is far more dangerous for your career.

As a woman who is a working professional, finding a facility that specializes in treating mature women with careers can be an excellent choice. You know that the programs will cater to your lifestyle and needs, and you will share commonalities with the other patients in treatment. This is important because you can create a support network from this experience. Much like networking in business, finding others with mutual interests can benefit your future.

Adversity Can Make You Stronger

Some women in the workforce may feel broken or that their careers are over if they have an addiction. However, overcoming this adversity will make you stronger and empower you for your professional endeavors. The humility to acknowledge that you need help is the first step into overcoming this adversity.

Going through the process of detox is the next step. While initially, this can seem difficult to endure mentally and physically, it is a tremendous step forward for your mental and physical well-being. Completing the initial treatment is another mountain to climb, but you become healthier and stronger with every breakthrough during the process. Maintaining your sobriety and continuing into your recovery will also empower you for every other aspect of your life.

Can You Be Successful in Your Career While in Recovery?

One of the advantages of choosing addiction recovery is that you learn just how many successful women are in recovery. Yes, absolutely, you can succeed in your career while in recovery. In fact, you stand a much greater chance of success in recovery than remaining in substance abuse.

You are likely to find that as you heal, new doors will be opened to you in your business endeavors as well. As your mental and physical health becomes stronger, you will also be able to see new possibilities in your career path, maybe even opportunities that you overlooked with the distractions of substance abuse.

Utilizing Your Recovery Skills To Find Success in Life

Another benefit of recovery is that the skills you learn will help you be successful in your career and throughout your life. You will learn new interpersonal and communication skills like setting boundaries and saying no when you are not comfortable with something. You will learn life skills that will help you in your home, your finances, and throughout your everyday life.

Perhaps the most essential skills you will learn are self-love and the ability to simply be comfortable in your own skin. The peace and healing that you find in recovery can be more influential in your life than all of your education. The strength and resilience you develop as you learn to be mindful will empower you to be successful in your relationships with friends, family, partners, and all of your career and other endeavors.

Taking time away from your career for addiction recovery can seem counterintuitive, particularly as a woman in the business world. However, remaining in active substance abuse can be far more damaging to your career. Choosing to begin your recovery is a choice that can lead to success in your professional career and throughout your life. Finding the right program to heal can be a difficult decision. Why not contact The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women? We are a residential treatment facility specializing in treatment for substance abuse for women, mainly working professionals. Our evidence-based practices allow you to heal in a safe and peaceful environment, and our staff offers occupational counseling as well to help you get your career back on track. Call us at (714) 581-3974 to learn more about our focus on prosperity, wealth, joy, and abundance and how you can access those gifts in your life.