Drug Treatment Center Costa Mesa

A substances abuse is affecting your life in so many negative ways that come as no surprise if you are looking to stop using it as soon as possible. The Ho Tai Way has a specialized drug treatment center in Costa Mesa, assisting patients with similar addictions as yours.

What are the causes of substance abuse?

There are no specific causes that can lead a person to addiction. A wide variety of factors can contribute to it, but each case is unique. However, some ordinary circumstances can include:

  • The need to increase performance – certain drugs can enhance your mental or physical performance. Some people may start using them occasionally to increase focus, and performance, to maintain a cheerful disposition or just to stay awake. Under mounting external pressure, they will increase the intake frequency that in time, can lead to addiction.
  • Self-medication – occasional medication used for coping with emotional stress may lead an individual to associate the drug use with the cessation of unpleasant feelings. Over time this person may become progressively unable to handle the pressure by itself, becoming dependent on the drug.
  • To induce a positive feeling – the majority of drugs are known to bring euphoria. A person may increasingly use the drug to mask negative emotions such as loneliness or sadness
  • A troubled family history – we cannot disregard this factor since children tend to follow the parents. Also, the majority of individuals abusing drugs suffered from some form of childhood abuse or neglection.

What are the physical effects of drugs?

Almost every organ in a person’s body may be affected by substance abuse. Depending on the drug and the length of time he or she used it, its effects are more or less reversible.  Side effects of substance abuse may include:

  • Increased risk of illnesses and infections
  • Heart conditions sometimes leading to a heart attack or strokes
  • Memory, attention, and decision-making problems
  • Lung diseases
  • Muscle control difficulties
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Liver damage or failure
  • Seizures, or strokes
  • Death from overdose as the most severe health consequence

Considering the dire effects of substance addiction, you should look for immediate counseling in a drug treatment center in Costa Mesa. The clinic will teach you how to fight your addiction effectively.

Can drug addiction be treated?

Yes, but it is not simple. The process is quite complex and lengthy sometimes. Just as no two individuals are the same, the way you respond to your treatment will also differ from other patients. For this reason, our drug treatment center in Costa Mesa will feature a rehab plan tailored to your needs, which will rely on a combination of medication and therapy for immediate benefits.

We will place you under strict medical supervision, as you will go through the detoxification stage for cleansing and stabilization. During this stage, it is ideal for you to remain in our center since withdrawal symptoms are severe in many cases.

Our staff, at The Ho Tai Way, will assist you in rebuilding the skills required to live a healthy, drug-free life. We do this through a series of individual or group sessions focused on your particular needs.

Drug Treatment Center Costa Mesa
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