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The Ho Tai Way understands that women struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction have often experienced significant trauma in their lives. Our helpful programs and addiction treatment options offered at our safe Costa Mesa detox center provide our clients with effective detoxification, evidence based therapy, and trauma-informed care to address their specific needs within a safe environment designed to help women heal.

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The Ho Tai Way – A Safe Costa Mesa Detox Center for Women

  • Our Costa Mesa detox center for women provides critical nurturing support as you cleanse.
  • We have medical staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days per week
  • Our staff is available to assist you with your medical needs so you feel supported.
  • We focus on each individual holistically as a whole person through mind, body, and spirit.
  • Our addiction treatment in Costa Mesa CA is offered without judgment or shame.
  • We offer a sober escort to pick you up from the airport to make it as easy as possible to begin your drug detox, drug rehab, and addiction recovery journey.

We know that your detox and therapy is the first step in your healing process and we want you to be successful, propelling you into lasting recovery.

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We have medical staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

A medically supervised drug and alcohol treatment and detox program is the most secure and efficient method for withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Our medical staff is on hand 24/7 to monitor your vital signs and modify addiction treatment protocols accordingly, ensuring prompt medical intervention for any severe withdrawal symptoms. We also prescribe medications to ease withdrawal discomfort and offer psychological support, giving you a comprehensive pathway to recovery.

Getting Started:

  1. Call (714) 581-3974 to speak with one of our admissions counselors, who will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.
  2. Complete the insurance verification form (we can help you with this over the phone).
  3. Once your admission date is set, we will help arrange transportation to our Costa Mesa detox and drug rehab center in California.
  4. Upon arrival, you meet with the CEO who will help you complete your paperwork.
  5. Our detox technician will provide your medical assessment, including your vital signs. You will be asked questions, such as which substance(s) you used and how long, and provide a urine sample for testing. This information will help us determine the best plan for detox. We use the criteria from the American Society of Addiction Medicine for your assessment.
  6. As necessary, you will then have the opportunity to finish any outstanding paperwork.
  7. Next, you will meet with a clinical evaluation therapist who will help complete your overall assessment.
  8. Your assessment results will determine the appropriate taper for your detox so we can best serve your body’s personal needs.
  9. You will see a medical doctor within 24 hours of admission for a comprehensive medical evaluation. This is a crucial step to help you in the early stages of detox. For your safety, a medical doctor will be on call around the clock during your stay at The Ho Tai Way.
  10. You will have a weekly follow-up with the medical doctor to monitor your health and well being throughout the program.
  11. You will begin one-on-one therapeutic sessions as you are able to do so.
  12. Finally, we will plan the next stages of your individualized treatment plan when you are ready.

Ready to Feel More Like Yourself Again?

Contact The Ho Tai Way to Start Your Journey

Taking the first step of cleansing your body demonstrates your commitment to yourself and your journey. Our comfortable Costa Mesa detox center for women offers you a serene sanctuary for healing as we begin your recovery process together.

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The Goal of Detox

In order to begin your recovery work from substance abuse, you need to be alert, aware, and no longer under the immediate influence of drugs or alcohol.

This is where The Ho Tai Way can help. Our Costa Mesa detox center and addiction treatment program for women provides the comfort and guidance needed to ensure the first step of your recovery journey is professionally guided through the detox process, which involves ridding the body of toxins from drugs and alcohol.

Once your head begins to clear, you will be able to start envisioning life in the future again—a future free of substances. Here, you can move forward in rebuilding your life and taking back control while understanding and accepting how you got there. Only then you be truly ready to heal from drug addiction.

What to Expect During Detox

The detox process is different for everyone and every situation. As your body cleanses, the early stages of withdrawal take place. The length of this process can increase depending on the length, amount, frequency, and severity of substance use. For drug addiction involving multiple substances, withdrawal may be more intense or lasts longer in duration.

Withdrawal times are approximate and vary from person to person, but here are some general guidelines:

Alcohol Detox
Detoxing from alcohol can be a highly variable experience, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild discomfort to life-threatening conditions. The initial phase usually involves nausea and tremors but may escalate to seizures in severe cases. The withdrawal duration can last from a few days up to several weeks.

Close medical supervision is recommended to manage these symptoms safely, provide effective addiction treatment with a focus on alcohol rehab programs, and avoid complications like delirium tremens.

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Benzo Detox (Xanax, Librium, Valium, etc.)
Benzodiazepine withdrawal can be a prolonged and complicated process. The symptoms often mimic the conditions these medications are used to treat, such as increased anxiety.

However, withdrawal can also lead to dangerous complications like seizures. Symptoms may last for several weeks or even months, making medical supervision crucial during the detoxification process. Medication and supportive care can aid in reducing symptoms and complications.

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Valium Detox

Valium, like other benzodiazepines, has withdrawal symptoms that include anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and potential seizures. The Valium detox process can last for 1-2 weeks for acute symptoms and may extend longer for protracted withdrawal symptoms. Medical intervention is often recommended, as medications like tapering doses of Valium or alternative benzodiazepines can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms and manage seizures.

Valium Detox in Costa Mesa

Xanax Detox

Detoxing from Xanax comes with withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, depression, and possible seizures, making it crucial to detox under medical supervision. The acute withdrawal phase generally lasts between 5-14 days. Medications such as tapering doses of benzodiazepines or anticonvulsants may be used to control symptoms and lower the risk of complications during detox.

Xanax Detox in Costa Mesa 

Cocaine Detox
Cocaine detox usually results in psychological symptoms such as depression and restlessness. These symptoms can make the 7-10 day withdrawal period feel considerably longer.

The intense cravings for the drug make it a challenging detox process that is best navigated under professional supervision. Medical and psychological support can make the experience more manageable and reduce the risk of relapse.

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Heroin Detox (and other opiates)
Heroin and other opiate detoxification come with withdrawal symptoms that resemble flu-like conditions. The symptoms can last for around 5-7 days and include fever, chills, muscle aches, and nausea.

The process is often accompanied by strong cravings for the drug, and medical support is invaluable in managing both the physical and psychological aspects of withdrawal. Medications such as methadone or buprenorphine can often be used to ease symptoms and cravings.

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Ketamine Detox (and other opiates)
Withdrawal from Ketamine generally includes psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and hallucinations. Physical symptoms like insomnia and loss of appetite are also common. Ketamine withdrawal usually lasts around 4-6 days but can vary based on individual use patterns.

Medical supervision can offer emotional support and medication to manage psychological and physical symptoms, enhancing the safety and efficacy of the detox process.

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Meth Detox
Methamphetamine withdrawal is characterized by severe fatigue, debilitating depression, and a significant reduction in appetite.

While the acute withdrawal phase can be managed effectively under medical supervision, patients often face ongoing secondary stages of depression that can last for months. The Ho Tai Way offers a residential addiction treatment program that not only helps manage initial symptoms but also provides clients with the therapy and tools needed to cope with the longer-term psychological effects. This is particularly helpful for adult women facing the challenges of dual diagnosis, which involves co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse issues and underlying issues relating to mental health like depression, anxiety, or trauma. This holistic approach offers the evidence based treatment for individuals suffering from the seemingly inescapable cycle of addiction issues.

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Prescription Medication Detox (Vicodin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc.)
Detoxing from prescription pain medications like Vicodin, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone involves facing flu-like withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms typically peak around the 3-4 day mark and can last up to 7-8 days. Given these medications are opiates, the detox process can be particularly challenging.

Medical professionals often employ medications such as methadone to ease withdrawal symptoms and facilitate a smoother, more manageable drug detox process.

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Due to potentially life-threatening complications like seizures, medical supervision is critical for your mental health and safety. We can walk you through the detox process and help you manage your symptoms. We strive to make this period in your recovery comfortable, safe, and as simple as possible so that you can move to the next stage – healing.

The Ho Tai Way treatment program in Costa Mesa California, provides aftercare planning and an easy way to stay in touch with other alumni. Upon completing our residential program, we may recommend enrolling in an intensive outpatient program for outpatient treatment in order to help prevent relapse and continue receiving the help you need to overcome dual diagnosis and any co occurring disorders.

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You’re just a call away from taking the first step on your recovery journey. We understand this is a difficult step to take, which is why we’re here to answer all of your questions, guide you through the patient admissions process, and make it as easy as possible to begin your journey toward long term recovery.

Call The Ho Tai Way at 714-786-1292 today to speak with one of our admissions counselors and discover the benefits of starting your addiction recovery at our Costa Mesa CA rehab, treatment and detox center in Southern California today.

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Our alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment program accommodates up to six residents at our location in an upscale neighborhood in Costa Mesa CA, a beautiful coastal area neighboring Huntington Beach in Orange County, Southern California. The comfortable home has two bedrooms, each with a TV and bathroom access. Common areas for socializing and an outdoor space with a barbecue are also provided. We aim for individualized attention and the building of supportive networks during your stay.

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