Treatment Centers In Costa Mesa

If you feel desperate about having to deal with your addiction every day, we welcome you to The Ho Tai Way! It is here, at our drug treatment centers in Costa Mesa, where your life will take a turn for the better.

Dealing with drug addiction

You cannot live with your addiction, and you cannot defeat it on your own. Although it may be the result of some unfortunate choices in the past, your chemical dependence has now moved to the next stage – full-blown addiction. At this point, your willpower alone will no longer suffice in your attempts to overcome the disease.

Addiction is a chronic illness, capable of causing extreme medical complications and even death. For your safety and wellbeing, we recommend seeking medical assistance immediately. If your condition is more unstable and severe, you will need to join our residential treatment immediately.

What is a residential treatment?

The residential treatment is similar to the inpatient treatment, with one crucial difference – the level of comfort. While the inpatient program relies on a more hospital-like setting, the residential treatment offers increased comfort and a multitude of upgraded amenities. We strive to offer you the peace of mind and relaxation you need to heal and recover at your own pace.

During the residential program, you will participate in a variety of programs, including detox, therapy, counseling, family support, and holistic recovery procedures. The purpose is to provide you with a well-rounded rehab experience for long-lasting benefits.

The benefits of holistic healing

Holistic healing refers to addressing the roots of the problem, as we treat the patient as a whole – body, spirit, and mind. At our drug treatment centers in Costa Mesa, our holistic treatment refers to touching upon all areas corrupted by the damaging effects of addiction. These include:

  • Personal and professional life
  • The relationships with your friends and family members
  • Your physiological and spiritual stability
  • The level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and optimism
  • Love relationships
  • Financial stability and job prospects, etc.

Through holistic healing, you will regain your health, freedom, and the mental strength to pursue your goals despite all obstacles. It only matters that you contact us immediately before the illness progresses any further.

Is it possible to cure drug addiction?

Since drug addiction is a chronic illness, we don’t talk about cures, but about management strategies. Your goal will be to prevent the relapse and eliminate the personal, social, and environmental triggers that may drag you on the same self-destructive path. It is possible to live a clean, drug-free life after addiction, so long as you possess the knowledge and the determination to succeed.

We want to help you regain your freedom and grow into a more responsible, healthy individual over the years. At our drug treatment centers in Costa Mesa, we have developed the ideal transformation program that will change everything about your life. Contact our team at The Ho Tai Way, and let’s discuss your options! It is at our facility where your new life will begin.

Treatment Centers In Costa Mesa
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