Our Mission

Through education and the application of practical life skills, we aim to develop self-awareness and insights through psychoeducation and career building through occupational wellness.

We also strive to assist our patients in serving as productive members of the community via learning essential life skills.


Self-awareness is the first step toward recovery. We work with you to increase your self-awareness. You’ll look inside yourself and find your values. You’ll learn to observe your thoughts and feelings.

In the midst of addiction, our ability to know what is going on within us is weakened. You’ll see your relationships with others improve and also your relationship with yourself.


Most of our residents are professionals in their respective fields. When we’re stuck in the throes of addiction, we’ve often lost skills and strategic abilities. We’ve damaged relationships.

Whether you want to grow in your established workplace, lost your job and need to find another, or you want to explore new options–we’ll work with you to assess your career needs and develop a plan to move forward.

Essential Life Skills

We often enter into addiction because of other issues–mood disorders, eating disorders, or executive functioning disorders like ADHD. These challenges make it difficult to establish routines that provide a basic foundation for daily life. Things like:

  • Paying the bills
  • Cleaning the house
  • Getting to sleep
  • Grocery shopping
  • Regular meal prep

At this stage of your treatment program, we’ll work at increasing awareness of deficits and skills that you will work on during the outpatient phase of your recovery, setting a foundation for the work ahead.

We work with you in the midst of your challenges to re-establish that foundation.

With the basics in place, you can grow. This is a different approach that respects you as a whole person.

Learn more about our philosophy and about our treatment team.

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