We want your stay at The Ho Tai Way to be focused on your recovery process. Your comfort is important and so is the comfort of the other residents.

What to bring:

Please limit luggage to two pieces.

  • Comfortable casual attire – laundry service is provided here.
  • Exercise clothing – gym shorts/shirts and sneakers.
  • Weather appropriate outerwear – including an umbrella. Orange County weather is temperate, but the ocean breezes can make things cool, so bring clothes for layering such as a jacket, cardigans, or sweatshirts to wear over regular t-shirts.
  • Bathing suit--board shorts or trunks. No Speedo-style swimsuits.
  • Personal hygiene items – shampoo/soap/toothbrush/toothpaste/shaving kit (alcohol-free and no aerosols).
  • Medications – bring your existing prescribed medications in the original bottles.
  • Smoking & tobacco products or e-smoking products -- sealed and unopened.
  • A Picture ID such as drivers license or passport.
  • Insurance and/or prescription card.
  • Method of payment – credit card or cashiers’ check for the amount agreed upon during the pre-admission phone assessment.
  • A contact list. We’ll need emergency contact information, but you also will want a list of people you might want to contact, such as family and friends, while you are staying here.
  • Pictures of loved ones for your room.
  • You’ll have a lot of recovery-based reading material while you’re here, but if you enjoy reading other books or magazines, you should bring them with you.
  • Some cash (smaller bills are recommended--$20’s and under). This will cover the occasional personal purchases you might need to make.
  • Important jewelry such as your wedding ring. Leave all unnecessary valuables at home.

What NOT to bring:

  • Alcohol or non-prescription/illegal drugs.
  • Opened packs of cigarettes.
  • Over the counter medications and vitamins.
  • Body Powder or Baby Powder of any kind.
  • Perfumes or any product containing alcohol.
  • Aerosols.
  • Inappropriate or revealing clothing – that includes short shorts; pants that hang below the normal waist revealing underwear; any clothing with alcohol or drug logos/graphics.
  • Food, candy or drinks.
  • Guns, knives or any item commonly used as a weapon.

*Please note that the safety of our patients is our top priority so your bags are subject to search during your arrival.