First StepsThe Admissions Process

How do you get started on your recovery journey?

First Contact:The Initial Steps

  1. First, call The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women at (714) 581-3974 for admissions information either by phone or through our Contact Form here on our website. Our admissions counselors will be happy to answer all of your questions.
  2. Then, fill out the Insurance Verification Form or we can do that on our phone call.
  3. Once we talk and figure out your admission date, we’ll work with you to arrange transportation to The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women.

Next StepsYour Arrival at The Ho Tai Way

  1. We’ll introduce you to staff, give you a tour, and make sure you have a snack or a meal--depending on the time of day.
  2. Dr. Gupta will sit with you and go through your initial assessment to determine what you will need:
    1. First, the American Association of Addiction Medicine Criteria assessment (also known as ASAM Criteria).
    2. Then, we’ll go through a Bio-Psycho-Social Profile that assesses your physical, psychological, and social health so that we get an idea about your challenges and your strengths through the recovery process.
    3. We’ll work together to create your treatment goals that will guide us through the next several weeks.
    4. You’ll have an appointment with the doctor to assess any physical health needs, including prescribing any drugs to help you through the initial detox period.
    5. Next, there will be a bag search and staff will take you to your room so you can make yourself comfortable.

The primary focus of the first few days is making you comfortable as you detox. Because you aren’t in the right head space to begin the program yet, we won’t start classes or give you your curriculum until you are through your detox period.

We’ll focus on medication management and initial one-on-one sessions for the first few days.

Do you have questions?

Go to our Contact Form or call us at (714) 581-3974.
We’ll be happy to answer your questions and when you’re ready, start the enrollment process.

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