The Admissions Process

How do you get started on your recovery journey?

The Initial Steps

  1. First, call The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women at (714) 581-3974 for admissions information via phone or use our Contact Form here on our website. Our admissions counselors will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.
  2. Next, complete the Insurance Verification Form, or we can do that with you over the phone.
  3. Once your admission date is set, we will work with you to arrange transportation to The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women in Costa Mesa, California.

We understand that this process can seem overwhelming.
We are here to help you every step of the way through your new journey toward wellness.

One unique service we provide for our patients:

The Ho Tai Way offers a sober escort to pick you up from the airport as needed. We value you as an individual and want to make things as simple as possible for you to begin your treatment program.


Your Arrival at The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women

  1. Upon arrival, you will meet our available Ho Tai Way staff. Our Chief Operating Officer will help you to complete your paperwork and answer any questions you may have at this point.
  2. Our detox technician will begin your assessment by taking your vitals and asking you questions about your substance use, and a urine sample will be taken. We use the criteria from the American Society of Addiction Medicine for your assessment.
  3. As necessary, you will then have the opportunity to finish any incomplete paperwork. You are always welcome to ask questions, as we want you to be comfortable and understand your treatment process.
  4. We will conduct The Assessment of Medical Necessity for you that assesses your physical, psychological, and social health so that we may better understand your strengths and challenges throughout the recovery process. You will meet with a clinical evaluation therapist to help complete your overall assessment. The level of honesty you provide in your assessment will help facilitate the effectiveness of your treatment.
  5. Your assessment results will determine the appropriate tapering schedule for your detox so we can best serve your body’s personal needs. Breathalyzer and other drug testing will be done regularly to monitor your detox process and determine when you are prepared for the next step.
  6. Based on your own personal assessment, your patient orientation will be held within 24 to 72 hours of arrival, including a complete tour of the facility. There will be a bag search before you are shown to your room so you can make yourself comfortable. Protocols will be covered by our staff.
  7. You will see a medical doctor within 24 hours of admission for a full medical evaluation. This is a crucial step to help you in the early stages of detox. A medical doctor will be on call around the clock, 24/7, during your stay at The Ho Tai Way for your safety.
  8. You will have a follow-up with the medical doctor weekly to monitor your health throughout the program. The doctor will oversee any medication needs during your stay.
  9. The primary focus of the first few days is making you comfortable throughout detox. Because you are not in the right headspace to begin the program yet, we will not start classes or curriculum until you have completed your detox period. You may begin one-on-one therapeutic sessions as you are able to do so.
  10. Finally, when you are prepared, we will work together to plan the next stages of your individualized treatment plan and create treatment goals that will guide you through the next several weeks.


We are a fully licensed and accredited residential facility for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses.

For those who have never been to treatment before, our facility is located within a residential area to provide you with comfort and safety as you heal. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women is also a subacute hospital setting within, providing you with all of the medical and clinical support you need as you experience detox and addiction treatment.


The first step is the most critical step
We believe in you

What makes The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women unique?

Our program is based on Ho Tai, a Buddhist framework for understanding the world. We have based our philosophy around this framework through the lens of recovery. Within this philosophy, we emphasize the importance of respecting each other’s beliefs and being able to share worldviews.

We use the four principles of Ho Tai as they apply to recovery:

  • Prosperity: Living an addiction-free lifestyle
  • Wealth: Having richness in quality of life
  • Joy: Being able to express gratitude and make it a way of life
  • Abundance: Broadening our mental and emotional horizons

These are gifts, not goals to strive toward until we are exhausted. They are gifts that you are worthy to receive, and we will teach you how to receive them.



Taking the first step of contacting The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women is choosing a new life of sobriety. We want you to understand the process and feel comfortable from the first contact and throughout your treatment. Once you have begun the admissions process, you can rest assured that we will be there to support you in your healing journey. Call us today to get started at (714) 581-3974