A Detox and Treatment Program Designed for Women

A Treatment Program Designed to Meet the Needs of Women at Different Stages in Their Lives

Is a woman-only detox and treatment program what you need to make your recovery happen?

To begin a true recovery process, women need a place where they can feel safe, vulnerable, and supported--a place where you can focus on the issues you need to work through so that you find long-lasting recovery.

Being among other women gives you a safe place where you can grow stronger until you’re ready to engage the world again.

A Woman-Only Environment Provides Safety

It’s harder for women to share intimate details and be vulnerable when they’re around men. At The Ho Tai Way, we work hard to create an environment where you feel completely supported, safe, and empowered. Our treatment center provides a safe place to explore painful experiences and a peaceful haven where you can plan how to move forward.

When men and women are in treatment programs together, it also introduces the possibility of romantic involvement. Sometimes we’ve already used relationships or sex to dull pain or avoid dealing with underlying issues like past trauma.

You’re serious about your recovery. We want to give you the best environment for success.

Strength: A Women-Only Environment Helps You Rebuild

Our programs focus on getting you sober and helping you stay sober.

We go deep and explore the reasons underneath your substance use--depression, anxiety, trauma-- but we also go at your pace.

Together we work hard to prevent relapse:

  • Identifying triggers
  • Learning new ways of coping
  • Building life skills
  • Healing the pain

We tailor our programs to professional women because our approach is academic. We are A School for Recovery. Because of your life experiences, you already know how to study, learn, and evaluate. You’ve been using these skills for years.

We’re going to use your ability to learn to boost your opportunity for long-term recovery.

We Have Special Programs Geared for Your Stage in Life

Mature Women (age 35 and beyond):

Mature women know what’s at stake. You know your addiction is jeopardizing your career, your family, and your life. You’ve fought hard to get the respect and standing that you have.

You want to find the balance that your life desperately needs--you long to be able to appreciate the gifts life gives you again. Addiction and grief robs us of that.

But since women who are struggling with addiction are more likely than men to have experienced significant trauma, you’ve been carrying that pain around with you for a long time and have even worked hard to avoid facing it.

It’s time to deal with everything that you’ve been holding inside so that you can have a long-lasting recovery and can leave that pain behind.

We’ll work with you and support you to reach your life goals and help you work through the sadness, pain, anger, and loneliness.

The Ho Tai Way is focused around four different principles:

  • Wealth
  • Joy
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance

In Western culture, we tend to think of these as material things, but they aren’t. They are whatever gives meaning to your life and purpose to your recovery.

Pregnant Women Have Special Recovery Needs

Becoming a mother brings new love challenges, and our Perinatal Program is designed to help you get sober and stay sober through them.

When you have a baby on the way, what’s important often becomes crystal clear because someone else is relying on you too. There are so many questions:

  • How do you give that baby a healthy start when you’re dependent on alcohol or drugs that you know can harm your baby?
  • Who can you turn to who will encourage you instead of demonize you?
  • Who will help you become clean so that you can avoid the legal issues facing you and your baby if you don’t?
  • How do you make things better from here on out, because the baby makes it even more important now?

We can help you be the mother you want to be, even though you’re struggling with an addiction:

  • We have a perinatal medical specialist on staff who will supervise your detox and help you achieve sobriety.
  • Motherhood can bring up specific issues and triggers from your past that put you at risk for relapse during your pregnancy and once the baby is born. We’ll help you plan for these feelings so that you can face them.
  • We emphasize the importance of life skills. This includes nutrition, parenting skills, and child development so that you are equipped to care for your baby’s needs and your own.
  • The time after a baby is born is stressful for any mother, but those in recovery are at higher risk for relapse. We’ll prepare you to face those unique stressors so that you can be the mother you want to be.

The Ho Tai Way-A School for Recovery is a place where you can safely detox and find the answers that are already within you to restore your life and be a good mother to your baby. We’ll go with you on that journey.

At The Ho Tai Way, a School for Recovery, we know you are simply trying to build a better life for you and those you love. We can help you find that path. Give us a call now.

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