Broadening Your Mental and Emotional Horizons
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Stepping out of addiction and into recovery brings you all new opportunities in life. One of these opportunities is to broaden your mental and emotional horizons. You allow yourself to receive mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness in abundance. As you heal and increase your capacity to function, you also increase your capacity to learn and grow.

The Ho Tai Principle of Abundance

The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women uses four principles of Ho Tai as seen through the lens of recovery as the basis for our philosophy. One of these principles is abundance, which we interpret as broadening our mental and emotional horizons. While abundance is typically associated with more tangible concepts, we offer the belief that mental and emotional wellness is also something that can be received in abundance.

Our philosophy is that abundance is one of the gifts that await you in recovery. Abundance is not a goal that you strive for until you are exhausted. Instead, it is a gift that is available for you to receive. You are worthy of all of these mental, emotional, and spiritual gifts in life. At The Ho Tai Way, we teach you how to receive them.

The Gift of Broadening Your Horizons Mentally and Emotionally

Recovery is thought of largely in the context of abstinence from substances. Still, recovery is a new way of living that allows you new opportunities and freedoms based on your choices. Recovery is not just waking up each day and deciding not to drink or use drugs; recovery is committing to yourself that you will improve yourself each day and make choices to improve your wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The choices that you make in recovery allow you to receive gifts such as improved clarity and function, the ability to learn and grow, and the ability to experience healthy emotions. By continuing to make these choices each day, you are able to broaden your horizons both mentally and emotionally.

The gifts of mental and emotional wellness can become so prolific that they can be difficult to quantify. You can achieve improved memory, decision-making, and other brain functions. These gifts will impact your everyday life, offering improvements at home, school, work, and throughout your life. Emotional wellness can be equally impactful, improving your own ability to function as well as your interactions with others throughout your life. The choices you make in recovery allow you to broaden your horizons exponentially.

Ways to Achieve Mental Wellness

Mental wellness can be elusive if you do not take steps every day to find and maintain it. Beginning with a daily mental check-in to assess your mood and the habits that impact your mental wellness, there are many things you can do each day to achieve mental wellness in recovery. Some of these include:

  • Continued therapy
  • Taking prescribed medications as necessary
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Daily exercise, such as walking
  • Eating three meals per day plus snacks

How to Find Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is built on the foundations of mental wellness but is achieved by adding additional habits to your daily routines to help you maintain emotional balance and overall wellness. Maintaining emotional balance will help you prevent relapse and improve relationships with others in your life. Daily habits to improve emotional wellness can include:

Achieving Wellness Spiritually

Adding to mental and emotional wellness foundations, seeking spiritual wellness helps to complete overall holistic wellness. Spirituality is developing a sense of purpose and a sense of peace within yourself. You may also find a connection with nature, others, or a higher power of your choice. Finding that spirituality and maintaining spiritual wellness is purely individual and requires personal effort on your part. Some of the activities to help you achieve spiritual wellness include:

  • Spending time outdoors
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Practice positive thinking
  • Doing acts of kindness for others

Growing Through Self-Awareness

The gift of abundance in mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness will increase as you become more self-aware. These gifts include broadening your mental and emotional horizons in recovery. Learning more about yourself and what makes you unique will help you find your identity once again. Exploring your core values and determining how you will live your life according to those values will give you a sense of integrity and empower you to live more authentically. You will also know more assuredly that you are worthy to receive the gifts life has to offer you. Having this foundation of self-awareness will help you to be able to grow and learn as you allow the gifts of wellness in abundance in your life.

You can broaden your mental and emotional horizons through the gift of abundance in recovery. As you make choices each day in recovery, you will expand your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness opportunities. By practicing daily habits and increasing self-awareness, you can achieve wellness in abundance. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women is a detox and residential treatment program that treats women with addiction and co-occurring disorders. We use the principles of Ho Tai to help teach you how to receive all the gifts life has to offer you. Our trauma-informed care offers you safe, non-judgmental, compassionate healing. Our facility is a quiet refuge for healing located in Costa Mesa, California. Our goal is to provide a safe place for you to find your way again. Contact us at The Ho Tai Way at (714) 581-3974 to learn more.