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Who Was the Ho Tai Buddha?

There are a few legends regarding the Ho Tai Buddha. One holds that he wasn’t THE Buddha, but was a Buddhist monk who always carried candy in his sack to give to children. He shared his happiness wherever he went.

The other story says that as Buddhism spread into China, one of the local fertility gods was accepted as a manifestation of the future Buddha. In Japan, the Ho Tai Buddha is one of The Seven Gods of Fortune.

The Ho Tai Way Philosophy

More important than who the Ho Tai Buddha was is what he represents:

  • Prosperity
  • Wealth
  • Joy
  • Abundance

And this doesn’t always mean financial blessings. The principles can be applied to any aspect of life. At The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women, we use this philosophy to focus our curriculum. These elements define our goals:

  • Prosperity–living an addiction-free lifestyle
  • Wealth–having richness in quality of life
  • Joy–expressing and living in gratitude
  • Abundance–broadening mental and emotional horizons (of mind, body, and spirit)


Addiction steals from you. It steals your health, your mind, and your honor. An addiction-free lifestyle gives you a foundation for restoring your respect, compassion, honesty, generosity, and humility.


Wealth isn’t money, it’s recognizing the gifts that you have in your life and putting them to use.


Joy doesn’t mean you have a lot of things to make you happy. It means you appreciate the gifts you have. You approach life with gratitude.


Abundance means striving to broaden your horizons–this can be knowledge, wisdom, faith, or emotions. If you seek out new experiences and realizing the richness in those things, you can’t help but experience abundance.

A Grateful Heart Attracts Abundance

When you have gratitude for the gifts in your life–a day of sobriety, a good meal, a fascinating lesson…you attract more good things.

These good things are all around you. They can be so simple. However, when you treat gifts as if they are scarce, they remain distant.

A place of emptiness

As professionals in the working world, we work our butts off. And we rarely stop to enjoy what we have before we’re striving for more. We become depleted.

That emptiness and exhaustion can leave room for false answers like drugs and alcohol that may provide a temporary release from stress or anxiety–but don’t solve anything. As time goes by, addiction takes over and you continue to lose more and more.

In order to get what we need, we take, too. We lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever we think we need to do in order to get that drink or that hit.

A place of prosperity, wealth, joy, and abundance

When you learn to see what is around you–recognizing the gifts that are always there and learning to be grateful, you are fed. You see the precious gifts that other people are. You notice the beauty in the little things. The more that ability grows, the emptiness gets filled.

Eventually, you find yourself able to freely give encouraging words, insights, and wisdom–because you’ve grown and now you have plenty to share.

That’s our goal for you here at The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women. Whatever your faith or life experience, this is a place to relearn respect, compassion, honesty, generosity, and humility. We want you to experience these values yourself and then give them to others from your place of abundance.

Self-awareness is the key to lasting abundance

We help you understand the dynamics of your addiction so that you become self-aware. Addiction really messes with how you see yourself. We want to break through that and teach you to clearly view how you interact with your world and even with yourself.

Each treatment program that we design is unique to each client’s particular needs. Yet, with every client, we have this principle in mind: self-awareness is the first step toward long-lasting recovery.

The Ho Tai Way–A Truly Unique Approach Based on Proven Methods

Our philosophy might be unique, but our foundation is rooted in solid addiction treatment methodology and psychological principles. We combine this with an approach that values you as an individual but always within the context of community. You are not alone.

Call (714) 581-3974 now to begin the admissions process at The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women or use our contact form. We can help, even if you’ve been through treatment before.