Where Can Women Find Treatment for Addiction in Costa Mesa?
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When searching for quality, compassionate treatment for addiction for women, sometimes what you seek is closer than you think. Did you know that the leading treatment center for women with addiction in Costa Mesa, California, is The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women? 

Offering trauma-informed and individualized care for women with substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring mental health diagnoses, The Ho Tai Way is not only a safe place to find your way again, but it is also easily accessible and a peaceful and confidential place to heal from addiction.

Quality Individualized Treatment for Women in Costa Mesa

Much of addiction treatment has been researched and tailored to the needs of men. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women understands that women have specific needs in treatment. Women have much higher rates of trauma and often need trauma-informed care. There is also a much higher rate of co-occurring depression, anxiety, and eating disorders for women with SUD.

At The Ho Tai Way, we believe that each woman is deserving of the best treatment to suit her individual needs. We offer both evidence-based and complementary treatment methods so you can access the best methods of treatment for your unique needs. Our facility is a peaceful refuge with compassionate caregivers who are nonjudgmental and committed to helping you heal. Our facility is fully licensed and accredited and accepts most forms of insurance as well as TRICARE.

Easily Accessible From Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego

Costa Mesa is a perfect location for those seeking a facility in Orange County, as it is centered in the western part of the county and easily accessible from beaches or inland cities. The Ho Tai Way is also easily accessible by freeway South of the Los Angeles area. We are also North of San Diego and easily accessible by freeway or even a drive up the coast. Whether you are local in Orange County or wish to travel to access treatment, our facility is easy to find and access from wherever you are.

The Ho Tai Way Is Accessible From Multiple Airports

For those traveling to The Ho Tai Way for treatment, we are conveniently located just minutes away from Orange County’s beautiful John Wayne Airport (SNA), one of California’s best airports. Or, if you prefer, we are also easily accessible by freeway from Long Beach Airport (LGB), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and San Diego International Airport (SAN). However you choose to travel, Costa Mesa is an accessible destination in Southern California.

Military Women Can Access Treatment From Southern California Bases

The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women is an excellent resource for women in the military as well. We often treat women serving in the military, veterans, or military spouses or family members based at nearby Camp Pendleton. We are also easily accessible from Navy and Army bases in Seal Beach and Los Alamitos, as well as Miramar, Point Loma, and other San Diego Marine and Naval bases. Our focus on trauma-informed treatment makes our facility a great place for military women.

Athletes, Celebrities, and Career Women Can Easily Access Treatment

For many women, such as female athletes, celebrities, and women with corporate jobs, confidentiality is essential when seeking treatment for addiction. Finding a quality treatment facility that is easily accessible yet provides anonymity and confidentiality can be challenging. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women offers both accessibility and the discretion and confidentiality you might need. Our location is secure and in a quiet location where you can heal in peace without attracting unwanted attention.

The Ho Tai Way Offers You Access to Nature

The location of The Ho Tai Way allows you access to the beautiful beaches of Southern California as well as a view of the calming, serene mountains. You can enjoy the sunny, lovely weather that Southern California is famous for as you meditate or do trauma-informed yoga outside. Being able to access the beauty of nature while healing allows you to connect with the earth and find peace within.

Access Your Healing at The Ho Tai Way – Recovery for Women

For women who have become addicted to pain medications, women who have become addicted to alcohol or other substances, and women who have co-occurring mental health or eating disorders, The Ho Tai Way provides the detox and residential care you need, all under one roof. We treat all women over the age of 18, but we specialize in accomplished women, those between the ages of 35-54. If you are in need of treatment and want quality, individualized care that is specifically designed for women, we are here for you.

Where can women find treatment for addiction in Costa Mesa? One facility stands out in offering quality treatment for women in Southern  California. The Ho Tai Way – Recovery For Women offers trauma-informed care using both evidence-based and complementary treatment methods to create an individualized treatment plan for you. Whether you are driving by freeway, arriving at a local airport, or coming from one of the many Southern California military bases, our detox and residential treatment center for women is easily accessible. We provide a quiet, discreet refuge for healing that allows you the confidentiality you need as you heal. Our location also offers access to the beautiful weather and nature that Southern California provides. We address the specialized needs of women, including treatment for co-occurring disorders. When would you like to begin your treatment? Contact The Ho Tai Way at (714) 581-3974 today.