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The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women is pleased to continue the free resources for the drug and alcohol community as an alternative to cravings. This week’s episode focuses on tapping into creative outlets.

You might be asking yourself, “do I have to be artistic to be creative?” Simply, the answer is “no.” Williams (2011) defined artistic ability as skill and talent to create fine works of art to include painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, and more. Creative ability is defined as the skill and talent using the imagination to create and solve. Using creative outlets does not require artistic ability.

Perhaps you now might be thinking, “I’m not artistic or creative.” This belief is also false. Recall a time during your addiction that you elaborately told a story to obtain or to continue using your preferred substance. You were creative in using the imagination to create and solve. Another example is making a recipe only to learn you are missing an ingredient. Researching alternatives solves the problem. A substitute for buttermilk is to put a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar in milk and was less costly since buttermilk is an acquired taste. The buttermilk biscuits were delicious with the recipe alteration. We are all creative. Some of us need a confidence booster or a reminder that creativity is an innate quality.


Journaling is not for everyone. However, it might not be what you think. You might think it is writing your deepest, darkest secrets in a diary. Yes and no. It can be guided writing or free flow writing one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Finding a style that fits your personality and needs is most important. Read the blog “To Journal or Not to Journal…” for complete details on the benefits, drawbacks and types of journaling.

Guided journaling might be more beneficial for those who have difficulty writing without a topic. Knowing what you want to journal is the first step toward choosing a topic.

Free Resources:

  • How to Journal The Ultimate Guide – provides an excellent starting point for new and beginning writers. This resource helps you create a road map listing the benefits of and details on how to use a particular journaling method.
  • Margarita Tartakovsky – is an editor and writer. She graduated from Texas A&M in clinical psychology. Tartakovsky has several articles on journal prompts including self-reflection and self-discovery, managing emotions, and much more. Google “Margarita Tartakovsky journaling prompts.” Click the link for the complete list of journal prompts


Because of COVID-19, many museums have closed. There are however, free virtual tours of famous museums, like The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, The Vatican Museum, and more.

  • Business Traveller – compiled a list of museums that are offering free virtual tours. Visit the Sistine Chapel to admire Michelangelo’s incredible talent. Perhaps these free tours will inspire you to travel once the Coronavirus subsides.

Maybe you would like to dabble in creating art yourself. Supplies you purchase will depend on your budget. Oil paints are more expensive than using acrylic paints. Until you have decided what you would like to try, you could watch some videos that will teach you how to paint.

  • Bob Ross – my grandmother watched Bob Ross on PBS. His show was on each day I came home from school. Although I had no desire to paint, Bob had a soothing voice that mesmerized me into watching his creations. You can watch full episodes of The Joy of Painting on YouTube by clicking here
  • Pendulum art/painting – fascinating to watch videos on this type of painting. I first came across this on Facebook as I scrolled through my newsfeed. A large canvas was laid on the floor. A small paint can was tied to the ceiling. The artist poked a couple of holes in the bottom of the can and swung it away from him. For the rest of the video, the artist did not touch the paint can until the very last second. The result was captivating. Some of the videos can substitute for meditation; they are very relaxing. Search pendulum art or pendulum painting on Facebook, Google, or You Tube.

Free Online Classes

There is no time like the present to learn something new.

  • Coursera – has several free courses to choose from, like COVID-19 Tracing, Food and Health, Child Nutrition and Cooking, Psychological First Aid, and more. Explore the topics offered and sign up for your free course today. Click the link
  • Class Central – compiled a list of organizations offering free online courses because of the Coronavirus. Class Central indicated that their list has been verified to ensure accuracy and they have included expiry dates when available. To view the complete list, click on the link


Before you begin a new workout routine, please make sure you are in good health to do so. Good health also includes mental health. If you think you have or might have an eating disorder or distorted thoughts around health and food, please contact The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women to speak with a therapist about your concerns.

  • Huffington Post – listed 50 of the best workout videos that are free to watch at home. There is something for everyone on this comprehensive list. Click the link to find your next fitness routine
  • Sarah Beth Yoga – free videos on You Tube for all levels of yoga. On my journey, I accidentally found Sarah Beth Yoga and loved the sound of her voice and the patience she conveyed through the video. I also like that she targets specific regions of the body and offers 10-minute videos. Initially, I thought yoga was easy and not really exercise. My first experience with yoga challenged that idea; yoga really is a workout. Click on the link to view Sarah Beth’s video collection


Again, if you think you have or might have an eating disorder, call The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women to speak to a professional. Cooking and baking can be cathartic. The aromas and combination of ingredients can create mouthwatering deliciousness. The internet is plentiful with recipes in video and written form. Just Google your desired recipe; there will not be a shortage to choose from.

Tasty has several videos on Facebook that make cooking and baking look so easy and delicious. This morning, there was a video for homemade churros done 6 ways; yummy! Considering that my waistline probably does not need all the sugar and carbs, making this recipe might not be the best idea. My mom loves to bake, and she does frequently. The difference is that my mom only keeps a few pieces of her baking and takes the rest to her bank for the tellers and staff. Remember, we began this blog defining creativity? Engaging in a task (baking) that you love and finding a solution (gifting baked goods) to minimize negative consequences (weight gain) is the essence of creativity.

The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women can help you tap into your creativity and artistic abilities. Call our admissions specialists today (714) 581-3974

Williams, P. (2011, November 21). Difference between artistic & creative ability. Idea Sandbox.