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Where can you find support when you might need it during times when others are not available? Part 3 in this Before Giving into Your Craving Series focuses on reading material that might help strengthen your sobriety. The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women believes that women struggling with alcohol or drugs needs quality resources. We provide you with a list of blogs, online news sites, and websites to help in a pinch.

Google is your friend. In times of difficulty and no one to talk to, I have used Google to search for resources/blogs to help ease my distress. During a recent bout of anxiety, I might temporarily forget how helpful deep breathing is. A simple Google search will remind me to breathe and offer other strategies if deep breathing does not work. This list is meant as a guide to help you seek sobriety, maintain sobriety, or just feel connected to someone who has had similar experiences. Our hope is that you broaden your tools of recovery.

  1. The Sobriety Collective (TSC)

TSC is a recovery hub that users can browse blogs, podcasts, and other resources. TSC helps remove some of the stigma associated with addiction through blogging.

  1. D is Going Without

Mrs. D is the author of this blog. She chronicles her first year in sobriety as well as her journey through challenges like anxiety and holidays. Fun and easy to read, Mrs. D keeps it real.

  1. The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women -

The Ho tai Way team is comprised of those who have had personal experience and professional training in addiction. Our primary goal is to help professional women recover from substance abuse. Our blog topics range from finding the right fit for treatment, the importance of family involvement, and much more.

  1. Nora’s Blog

Dr. Nora Volkow is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). If you want to know the science behind addiction, this is your blog. She also highlights the news and achievements of NIDA.

  1. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) –

SAMHSA allows you to easily select categories to search for blogs that are relevant to your needs. For example, selecting treatment provides blogs on finding quality treatment, addressing opiate use while pregnant, and hope for mental illness and addiction.

  1. Life Straight Up!

Julie is a wife and mother who is recovering from alcoholism. She began her blog as a life journal to help her face her alcoholism and the repercussions of a severe car accident. In her blog titled Sober Blogs and Recovery Resources, Julie lists the resources and blogs she supports.

  1. Veronica Valli

On May 2nd, 2020, Veronica celebrated 20 years of continuous sobriety. She wrote a blog chronicling twenty lessons she learned over those twenty years. Her blogs are fun and insightful to read. The best part of Veronica's blogs is that they are relatable to everyday situations that many people experience.

  1. A Hangover Free Life

Lucy is a Public Health Nurse, who has been academically published and began blogging about sobriety for social accountability and a place to write her thoughts. A few of her blogs cover topics like COVID-19 and drinking, coping and self-care, and guilt and shame.

  1. Addiction & Recovery News

Addiction and recovery News writes about varied addiction topics like stigma, media coverage, and research related to drug and alcohol addiction. Their most recent blog is a 9 part series that addresses a consumer’s guide to research on substance use disorders.

  1. She Recovers

This blog is women-specific and dedicated to offering tips for living a sober life. An excellent resource for women looking for support in maintaining their sobriety.

  1. Hip Sobriety

Holly, the author of Hip Sobriety, began blogging to tell her story of alcohol and recovery. She struggled with bulimia and addiction. One of her blogs addresses the importance of nutrition in recovery. Holly is a yoga instructor and believes that sobriety is more than quitting drugs and alcohol. It's moving towards your best life and your dreams.

  1. Last Call

Nancy Carr’s blog is designed to bring awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. She writes from the heart about her experiences and recovery insight.

  1. Psychology Today

The index of blog topics on Psychology Today begins with addiction with several subtopics to choose from. Most blogs are written by medical doctors, master’s level clinicians, or Ph.D. level experts.

  1. Sober Señorita

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco shows that drinking is not necessary to have a fantastic time. She writes about her accomplishments from being sober and how none of that would be possible if she continued drinking.

  1. Understanding Addiction

This science-based blog is from the author of Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, Marc Lewis, Ph.D. Dr. Lewis is a neuroscientist and retired professor of developmental psychology. His blogs link brain, behavior, and biography to understand addiction.

  1. Own Sobriety

Own Sobriety is authored by Mike and provides a male perspective on recovery. He believes that recovery is not a one size fits all approach and appears to have a holistic and encouraging.

  1. Off-Dry

The thoughts of staying sober with writer, Kristi Coulter, and her best piece of advice, "don't drink" will grab your attention. Kristi began Off-Dry at a few weeks sober. She updates her blog, hoping that what she says will be of use to others seeking sobriety.

  1. The Fix

The Fix features a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, essays, and blogs on sober living, lifestyle, and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from expert counsel. They endeavor to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist in humane policies and resources.

The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women strives to provide relevant and timely information to women suffering from addiction. If you want to learn more about becoming sober, contact The Ho tai Way – Recovery for Women today. Call our admissions team at (714) 581-3974.